Monday, 29 September 2014

Khorasan Are So Scary

Osama is back, and this time it's personal ... more personal.

When Old Knudsen was fighting the Nazis during WWII he came in contact with Nazi sub groups such as Hydra, The Eternals, Dragon Tooth and Black Sun. These groups were always said to be even worse than the SS .... oh scary scary. If the SS has no value on human life and will treat others they see as a threat with torture and violence then how can you up that in the cuntish stakes? 

Nazis like everyone else bleed when punched by a fist of righteousness and their gonads will be crushed when struck by the knee of justice and their blood will flow like a river when I stab them with my knife of karmic retribution or shoot them with my bullets of ouchy. 

The thing is that you have to keep the people at home and the soldiers in the field motivated so you can justify invading places, killing civilians and keeping economies going. 

Old Knudsen laughs in the face of danger and smirks behind the back of fear. If it bleeds you can kill it, don't go giving yer enemy power based out of fear. Fear is used like a weapon just as a knife or a gun is. Fear makes you hesitate. 

Lets not go back too far as some of my readers are not as old as I but do you remember when the Russians were the big bad? Aye Churchill was right about them but no one listened. (I get that a lot meself) The Berlin wall was still up and Soviets were the bad guys in all the movies, portrayed as hard, emotionless killing machines made out of steel. In reality they are hard, emotionless killing machines with alcoholism issues and a beer belly. 

Reagan was as good an actor as he was a President.

Back then the Soviets were the ones invading Afghanistan and the West met with the Tallyban to fund and train them to fight the Ruskies. A young Bin Laden was one of the many trained by the "military advisers" that America are famous for sending in when they want to wage war in an unofficial capacity.

  I'm gonna drop some motherfucking beats!

The Tallyban and Al Qaeda were not good guys back then, they just shared a common enemy with the west. Boy did that one come back and bite us.   

Ayman al-Zawahiri as shown above is said to have radicalized Bin Laden in Afghanistan in the late 70's. Interesting fact about al-Zawahiri (Can I call you Al?) he was born with a penis and a set of balls on his forehead, even though this was his only genitalia it was later surgically removed as it was against the will of Allah or something, if you look closely you can still see the scar though don't stare as he is still very self conscious of it.

9/11 was carried out as a protest against US troops being in Saudi Arabia since the Gulf war as infidels close to Mecca isn't acceptable and also for the US support for Israel. Israel as you know is one of the largest recipients of welfare from the US and gets $3 billion each year .... and food stamps which they buy junk food and missiles with.

 Donald Rumsfeld meeting Saddam Hussein in 1983.

The Iranians were also the bad guys and the Iraqis were our best buds. In fact Saddam donated money to the Chaldean Sacred Heart church in Detroit and was  made an honourary citizen of Detroit. Iraqi soldiers even trained at Fort Bragg in North Carolina . America sold many weapons to Iraq including the chemicals used on the Kurds.      

The Iranians are still bad guys but seem a lot less relevant as other more entertaining bad guys have been found.
Hezbollah and their buddies Islamic Jihad killed hundreds of Americans for the Iranians in the 80's in their various bombings that made the IRA look like amateurs.

No not a still from a parody video this is ISIS executioner Shakir Wahiyib otherwise known as the Desert Hamster.

ISIS are soooo scary, they kill people by the roadside, execute prisoners, cut off heads and yammer on about the world being one big Islamic state. ::::yawn::::: Don't all towel heads get on like that? In Syria they are ISIS, in Iraq they are ISIL and when a drone spots them they are a big splodge on the ground. 
 Allan is great .... word.

Puff P diddy widdy daddy (the husband of Kim Kardashian) has more names than ISIS and is far more scary. Al Qaeda used to be scary, you just didn't know where Bin Laden was going to jump out of next, tourists in Belfast refused to hike up to Cave hill in case he was living in one of the caves. When Bin Laden was killed as he sat having a shite and al-Zawahiri took over it just wasn't as good, they lost a load of Twitter followers to Boko Harem at the time.

ISIL was bleh .... fighting in Iraq oh whatever but when they opened a branch in Syria that got brand recognition. Westerners were joining up and posting severed heads on social media, "G'day mate, my 7 year-old son just beheaded an infidel gonna celebrate with a tinny and some shrimps on the barbie." 

Al Qaeda were not feeling the love nor the terror so they threatened to open up a branch in India. The first mission was to hi-jack a Pakistan naval ship and they failed ... awkward.

In Syria Al-Qaeda work with Al-Nursa but now a new group is emerging that is said to be even worse than ISIS ... except they haven't actually done anything but still, be afraid just in time for Halloween.

Khorasan is the name of the group which means land of sunshine ... aw how nice, it's a pity there is nothing else there. It is run by Muhsin al-Fadhli who is a VERY SERIOUS looking person, or maybe he's distracted by a personal itch that he doesn't want to scratch in public.
He was the bum chum to Bin Laden back in the day and even knew about the 9/11 attack before it happened.

Why is everyone shitting themselves about Khorasan? well they work at recruiting westerners to train them to go and attack in their own cuntries and are only in Syria for some bomb making practice and for a laugh.
You can thank Khorasan for the ban on uncharged cell phones and laptops not being allowed onto planes, they are quite good at making bombs it seems.

Al-Fadhli has been nicknamed the facilitator or financier for al Qaeda and works with groups in Iran and Turkey to fund, equip and recruit fighters for Al-Qaeda and has an extensive network of Kuwaiti jihadist donors ... ya know Kuwait, the ally we went to war for during the Gulf war.    

I won't be shitting myself anytime soon, there is always some arsehole to fill the void of the previous one so why worry? In this very shrinking world it's getting harder and harder to hide and eventually they get brought to justice by a US Navy SEAL team and if some nutter tries something in the street there is usually a line of people happy enough to kick their fuck in.

Khorasan or Clearasil or whatever the next big bad is are just as scary as all the other goons, do the people of New York live in fear and never leave the hoose? have the people of London stopped getting buses? have the Spanish stopped traveling by train? ..... away an fuck yer camel ya silly sand savage, until you have a fleet of submarines and wear big boy shoes with laces and yer just little league.  

Funny how these groups suddenly appear isn't it? It's as if someone needs to justify something. Khorasan are probably watching the news and saying, "fuck we're real bad asses, I didn't know we were about to attack the US at any moment." 

Stay tuned as the Department of Homeland Security miraculously stop an attack.

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