Tuesday, 30 September 2014

ISIS Almost Defeated

ISIS during their 12th July parade in Raqqa.

On Facebook I've see the chicken hawks comment, 'they killed our citizens, we must wipe the IS scum from the face of the earth, bomb the bastards' .... if this was a movie I'd step in and open handedly slap them in the face, calm yerself doon the Arabs are watching!

ISIS or ISIL, as well as Al-Nursa, Al-Qaeda ,Tallyban, Boko Harem, Al-Shabaab and the more local minded Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah have been on Old Knudsen's shit list for a while, as are all the other flavours of cunt like the Khazali Network, the al-Abbas brigade and all the ones whose have shifted and merged into ISIS or whatever.

However, unless they dress in black as seen above they all kinda look the same.  

 There is usually ISIS cock in this glory hole but not today.

So what about the bombings? The first target was the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. About 2 weeks previously the ISIS forces moved out or vanished into the population .... I guess they were told about the bombings. Empty buildings and communication towers were destroyed.

Now if ISIS came back to Raqqa they couldn't mock the US on Twitter .... yeeeooohhh!!! fuck yous!

Blowing up random buildings and hoping to hit muzzies isn't very good if they know yer coming. Having Saudi Arabia and Qatar on yer team means there will be leaks since they fund many of the groups, the US CENTCOM where all the decisions are made is located in Doha, Qatar for fucks sake.

Now we are shown reports of a small oil refinery getting destroyed. The Pentagon said the refinery is said to be able to generate up to $2m per day in revenue for ISIS but that doesn't add going by previous information, $2m a day in total for the whole operation as the 9,000 odd barrels they produce makes about one quarter of a million. 

The group is said to be worth $2bn getting money from ransoms, extortion, donations, t-shirt and mug sales and oil. They own around 13 oil fields in Iraq and Syria.

Al-Qaeda at their height only had $30 million. Attacking oil refineries is very important, to cut off their supply of money of course, even though ISIS never started out with oil money.

It seems to me that those nations who charge $101 a barrel of oil wouldn't like any competition so lets destroy these refineries and hey the oil fields too. ISIS selling oil at $25 a barrel is bad for business.

News just in we've killed 1,000 ISIS fighters and two top Al-Qaeda leaders and it's all going well, don't believe the reporters at the scene.  

We've given ISIS what it wants and so their recruitment will soar, this attack isn't intelligent nor is it competent.
We need drone and on the ground intel and only to use the Arabs for less important targets and attacks mounted from air craft carriers and  bases in Turkey and Germany rather than Doha.

The public are not being given the correct information so why should the Arabs? ... oh that's right cos they are in control. 
Reactivate Old Knudsen's military service and put him in charge, I'll blow up the refineries after they make the oil and I'll sell it. I'll put out disinformation that is actually believable and I'd have the war over by Christmas. 

We are at war with ISIS because we need to protect our overseas interests, not because they are evil. Last year Citigroup and the Chase bank opened up branches in Iraq. At a time when both banks have been downsizing, like I said it's all about protecting our interests since there is no real strategy on defeating ISIS.   


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