Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Is Blackface Really Offensive?

The answer is NO! I am not at all offended by blackface. Well that sorted that quite sensitive subject out.
Hold on, maybe Old Knudsen is more enlightened (pardon the pun) than others, there might be some who will take offense. Ach we're just celebrating yer natural athleticism, skillful dancing and huge schlongs, we whiteys move like a turd dripping from an arse and 10 inches may not be big to you but I'm comfortable with my size. I think we can all agree on big booties and that fried chicken is delicious .....   so what's the problem?
 Robert Downey jr ... or not, white people all look the same to me. 

Any way ya have to admit it but we crackers make better black people than you do. Robert Downey jr should have gotten an Oscar for Tropic Thunder, if only the DHS had waited to kill Heath ledger after the Oscar ceremony.

 Check out this big G

Sometimes when I'm listening to J Bieber dropping some beats on my boom box I wonder if he's got or had a little black in him. I am truly amazed that he doesn't get shot by the police when he tours America.

Now this is offensive!

If my post has offended you  ...' Dear Blogger, I am a proud liberal not of color child of the universe and am disgusted at this post I read while I was trawling through the Internet looking for things to be offended by. This post goes against my brothers and sisters of color makes my vagina weep, and I'm a man .... or rather a male woman to get the term correct.'  

Just fuck off .

'I don't see people as color but rather than just as people .. except for my fellow Caucasians who can do no right as far as I'm concerned, racist bastards the lot of them, except for me who had a dream that I was a black slave in a former life.'

Black people as white people? now that is offensive as that was what the fucking Nazis were doing, how dare you black people! In fact I'm going to write to Blogger about this post myself you Nazi lovin cunts!
Ach fairs fair you did get yer own back by making really crappy slaves so we'll call it even then. I doubt that black folk could goosestep very good anyways, like how you can't sing Amazing grace without adding a shit load more vowels and lookin like yer in pain .... you just can't.

Just think about poor ol Obama, he has to wrestle with the whole 400 years of slavery thing and white privilege, the White hoose staff probably walk on egg shells, should I stock the fridge with malt liquor or Coors? Will he be krumping or air guitaring today? ... he plays basket ball and golf, yer trying too hard BO.
Travon Martin could have been my son .... of course 5 years at a military academy would sort him out, get him away from hoodies and into polo shirts .....  pastel polo shirts. 

There is a real racism problem in the world, not just white cops shooting black guys, c'mon people they shoot other races too, you not mentioning that or comparing the Michael Brown shooting to a white woman getting arrested for shoplifting in a department store is racist so shame on YOU!

Oh look a white person got arrested, if he was black they'd shoot him .... is that at all helpful? By that line of thinking that all cops are either racist or incompetent ... or both yer saying that all black people are lazy and celebrate Kwanzaa by breaking and entering. Stereotypes work both ways and should only be used when laughing at/with people .... or ironically. 

If people aren't being racist then they are trying to pull/keep their own doon. Or during the Prop 8 voting on ghey marriage the black vote went towards oppressing the gheys. You aren't me, you don't always have to keep putting others doon to fill that void in yer life when they cancelled Firefly.

Lets draw a line in the sand and start acting the white man ...oops my bad, um behaving like strong, compassionate people. Black white, brown, yellow or green, lets stop hating on people for what chance or fate has made them be and just hate them for behaving like dicks.  

    What is the problem with Michael Jackson?

Lighten the fuck up .... not literally as that is well creepy. 

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