Sunday, 14 September 2014

Get Yer Nips Out

I try to make the first picture of my Sunday posts less fleshy than the rest as it turns up on Facebook and there are still today in the 21st century people ashamed of naked weemen in their news feeds. This is me being considerate, any personal issues are out of my control.

Maybe they are missing the point of Sunday being a day of worship.  

Old Knudsen refuses to put Burkas on these antonymous hotties whose job it is to stand around in fish net tights.

Is it naked children you want to? well ya came to the wrong place you pedo [insert religion here] I only deal in consenting adults ... or at least adults.

Someday social media will not keep the sister doon and will allow female nipples and other fleshy parts to be shown, until then I will have to be content with my unsociable media.
I've only had a blog since 2006, you'd think people would be used to me by now ... those who say they love yer blog but can't remember a thing you've written, you know the type.  

I care naught about yer issues so don't waste my time, I am above all of that, for I am enlightened and evolved so free the nips! 

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