Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fat Soldiers

The US Army is too fat .... just look at this lard ass.

The US military is too fat to fight, the main offenders being in the army. It used to be that you could go into the military being a soft civilian and they would whip you into shape but now it's different. They might not even accept you if yer too unfit or if you can't reed or rite proper .... WTF? 19% of US troops have been found to be obese.

 A smug Marine mocking an army fatty.

When Old Knudsen joined his majesties military he was a skinny thing who was told to put on some weight ... make up yer fucking minds! Being the perfect soldier Old Knudsen continues to follow that order even today until otherwise directed by a superior .... Old Knudsen finding someone superior, just my wee joke. 

It isn't just the Americans who are fat, the South Africans too and even the British army have had 22,000 troops over the last 3 years that are over weight. The British have booted out 50 soldiers in the past decade the main offenders who fail the BTA or Battle fitness test have been the Royal Regiment of Scotland next worse is the Royal Highland Fusiliers and then the Black Watch... too many deep fried Mars bars and drinking sessions. 

 Getting a medal for losing 20 LBS.

Hold on a minute, you can't say this sort of shite. Fat people or to use the medical term lard arses get picked on by the media and the public more than say alcoholics, smokers and famous people who are sex offenders.  
Fatties are seen to be lazy or greedy with no self control. It's rich reading an article by a woman condemning fat people and that woman has always been skinny ... oh I had a slight belly roll after Christmas so who am I to talk? of course she had a shite and got rid of it. 

She said that protecting the feelings of fat people by calling them obese doesn't help them lose weight and so we shouldn't thread lightly with their feelings.  

A study was done showing that fat people also get worse customer service (especially in restaurants) than less fat people. 

Pointing out that people are fat doesn't help, hey was yer passport picture taken by a satellite ? Fat people can get rather touchy about their weight and why do you think that is? .... well because they are not happy with it either. So sorry you have to look at me like this as yer opinion really matters ... NOT! ach just fuck aff.

I read comments where people see a pic like this and complain she's fat ????? Some people are just too ghey and dumb for words.

I've been compiling a list of people you can't mock so I can be a nicer person, not just the obvious sick children or dead loved ones but you have low income black people who riot, Palestinians, disabled people in wheelchairs, Jews, retards, famous dead icons, those with depression and fat folk, sure gheys are on it too but how can you be so camp and not expect a harsh mocking?

Ok the list is really for soft targets (pardon the pun fat folk) my Ma has Alzheimer's and I'm pretty sure I've made fun of that or did I? who are you people anyway? Me Da is dead cos his heart was 3 sizes too small and me granddad got the throat cancer from smoking the cock too much .... or maybe it was cigarettes so shove yer misery upmanship  as I don't play that. Old Knudsen laughs in the face of misery and if you don't find humour in misery then yer um miserable I suppose.  

Drunks and junkies get a free pass by twats who say 'it's an illness' in that case then so is obesity. 
No it isn't an illness, it's a choice. It is however an indication that there is some other problem though and of course some of it is genetics. Some people will never be a smug skinny person who complains about not being able to put on weight or those who say, "I didn't know I was pregnant until I had the baby." 

No one forces to to drink, do drugs or eat 20 big fat tacos, you do that yerself but why do you need to? 
Low self esteem, you've been told yer worthless so many times that you believe it so what does it matter?
Unhappy with yer present life and see no way to change it ..... sure there are ways but you think you'll fail and it's easier to wallow in self pity and fuck all those around you, why should they be happy?

You just can feel motivated enough to start or to stick with dieting or exercise or even just changing some of yer negative habits it so why bother?

One harsh reality is that 'If you really want to change yerself then you will do it' Old Knudsen wants to be buff like a male ghey porn star and as well read as Jean Luc Picard .... but not enough to actually do it I suppose.

Most of these quick but harmful fixes like drugs, drink and food are instant gratification habits but because you keep doing them they will turn on you and fuck you up even more. It's as if God has a thing about people being happy.

Excessive drink, drugs and food will bring on physically health problems that someone yer age wouldn't normally have but it's the depression and fear that will own you, that is usually the motivation that drives these addictive habits, you also become addicted to thinking in these ways.

If you eat you'll feel better but that puts on weight so you hate what you see and so eat to feel better but that puts on weight so you etc etc etc. Feeding the loop while feeding yer face and then of course there are excuses, too fat to go to the gym cos yer too self conscious and have nothing that fits you anyways.

Some people with jobs that take up a lot of their time or that aren't at regular hours have to also battle the fast and easy junk food demon that give you the extra sugar you need so you can survive and poor sleep will also get you to eat more shit food but seriously folks, getting fat in the military?

 A not so smug US Marine.

Soldiers are still usually fitter than most civilians but they have to be fit enough to be able to die for their cuntry. The military is changing so why are they still hung up on getting out of breath every time you do a 10 mile forced march and shoot with full packs on? Why do they have to make everything so difficult?

Packs are too heavy anyways and climbing up into the back of army trucks is silly, just add on some ramps or steps for fucks sake. It's the 21st century so why run or march anywhere? Where are our flying cars and jetpacks?

Old Knudsen is only overweight because muscle weighs more than fat but if he has to go into battle he'd want a load of fatsos in front of him to catch all the bullets.      


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