Monday, 29 September 2014

Ebola Zombies Walk Amongst Us

 Dead man walking.

Two Ebola victims in Liberia who were taken out for burial had other plans when they rose from the dead. 
Both females in their 40s and 60s from separate communities they are now walking with the living causing fear and panic. 

Ma Kebeh the older woman  had been indoors for two nights without food and medication before her  death, she had expired, she was an ex Ma Kebeh, or so they thought.

You can look to the obvious reasons for this, most Africans are poverty stricken and poorly educated, much like the average GOP voter in the American deep south, they are superstitious inbreeders who believe magical beings ..... and so do the Africans ... HA! see what I did there?  

Like Victorian times the dead were probably still a little bit alive but medical care wasn't that good, like in Greece last week where a woman was thought to be dead but was buried alive, by the time they dug her up she was dead, talk about having a bad day.     

Africans can be kinda dumb when it comes to healthcare, they don't want Ebola patients in their communities so they attack them, a facility in Monrovia was attacked and some patients ran away.
So what did the attackers do? why they stole their bedding and healthcare equipment, a real slick move. 

Red Cross workers in southeastern Guinea were attacked while trying to bury some bodies. C'mon people! and these are the ones who Bono wants to save ... why?  

People are just looking for excuses to attack someone. While there is no cure for Ebola the patients can be cured with just basic healthcare involving rest and fluids. 

Now with zombies in the mix I reckon we're all doomed. 

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