Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Con Air, The Wind Turbine Lie

The biggest con of the century has just been uncovered. For years we've had so-called climate experts scaring us about global warming and how sharks will evolve legs and come after us on land but all of that was a lie .... as is wind power.
How much government money has been given to these wind turbines? What is their secret agenda?

There is no such thing as wind power all the wind turbines in the world are run by electricity. The companies who own the turbines are paid subsidies to not invest in natural power sources but they have to look good for the public and to fool future investors.

The only wind turbines not powered by the grid are the ones in Callyfornia, they are powered by solar power .... except at night for then they are powered by a furnace fueled by the bodies of Hobos.

Obama switching on the wind turbines.

A secret group known as the Spoil the view and kill all birds and bats league are major investors in wind turbines though their reason for doing so isn't known as yet.

Old Knudsen is busy uncovering other plots to fool us such as why does solar power only work during the day since the sun is still up there powering the stars .

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