Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bring On The Dancing Virgins

While the Interwebs go crazy about hacked photos of celebs there are real things happening in the world, maybe it's all an NSA distraction since they have access to Apple's iCloud.

The US sent a drone to attack the leaders of  Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia. It isn't clear how effective they have been yet. Al-Shabaab is a radical Islamist movement that recruits younger fighters to it's cause. They are similar to the Tallyban in that they get support by bringing law and order to war torn places that had total lawlessness.

If you have years of eating shit and someone comes along and gives you shit with some ketchup then yer gonna say, 'oh this isn't great but it's better than what we had.'

To talk recruits into becoming martyrs with the promise of 72 virgins etc,  Al-Shabaab once showed a Bollywood movie clip to them and said that this was sent doon from Heaven to show proof about the afterlife of martyrs.

Ah fuck it, would I give up my life for annoying music and wobbly heads? A Bollywood Heaven sounds more like how Gog botherers would describe Hell. Fucking recruiters huh, will lie like fuck to get you to sign away yer life, sounds like a very western concept to me. 

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