Thursday, 25 September 2014

Ancient Black Ops

The Yesterday channel which is the UK version of the History channel pisses me off, maybe it's the slogan "Entertainment inspired by history" that does it, not sure. I've seen them advertising Ancient black ops which they say is a look as forces of old who were the equivalent of modern special forces.

Having served with special farces and being old I think I should have been at least a consultant for this show as I'm broke but ohhhh no.

Sure Persian assassins, even Japanese Ninjas could have been special forces but not the Vikings.

  Special forces do not have rape in their eyes. 

Being crazy, brutal and unpredictable does in no way make you black ops. They show clips of these black ops warriors and ya know what they are doing? Killing unarmed monks, that's what. 

The Vikings were more like US Marines who are good but not that special. Black ops are mostly done in secret, the monks and unarmed villagers being clueless does not make Viking attacks a secret. 
Look, a big fucking boat full of screaming bikers with axes ..... how fucking covert.  

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