Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Free Scotland?

Braveheart, a tale of brave Scottish peasants fighting against English Zionist pigs.  

On the 18th of September the people of Scotland face the choice to become a free and independent cuntry or to stay as slaves to the fascist English .... Since Old Knudsen left his beloved home of Killamory in the Scottish low highlands he doesn't have a vote in this matter. But why would Scotland want it's freedom? 

Well I'll answer this without any bias what so ever, as Fox news say, Fair and Balanced ... aye that's me. 
The evil English have massacred, raped and oppressed the Scottish people for centuries, they have redrawn Scottish boundary lines taking Scottish towns as their own and over recent years taking Scottish fishing and oil drilling areas out to sea. 

On saying that the English have done a lot of good for Scotland don't get me wrong, being a part of the United kingdom they've protected it from any invaders such as Argentina, Germany and North Korea, there wouldn't be a Scotland with it's kilts and bagpipes if the English hadn't made all that shit up. 

Not to mention all the jobs and industry the English have brought to Scotland. If left to it's own devices the Scottish would have had a bloody Eyetie on the throne. Click here if you dare. (Bonnie Prince Charlie)

The troops are revolting.

After the battle of Culloden in 1746 in which the English defeated the Scots and put an end to the Stuart claim to the throne, the wearing of tartan and the playing of pipes were forbidden, much like how the shamrock and wearing green was outlawed in Ireland.

With no work in Scotland and loads of Highlanders milling around looking for trouble, the English kindly let them join the English army and go and die for them. 

Thanks to the English the Scots have been bred to fight and even today 90% of SAS members come from Scotland. 
The first king of the new Scotland?

I hear many people say how they don't like the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) but they do want independence. Hitler was a socialist nationalist too, you might as well say well I don't like all of his policies but he wants to make Germany great again so he has my vote. 

This campaign may pretend it's about making Scotland better and more wealthy as that sounds better than small and insignificant right? The Scots do like their money and add some anti-English sentiment and you have a proper campaign. 

The anti-English side is the real motivation for many just as the battle of the Boyne in 1690 is a motivator to hate Catholic Irish in Northern Ireland. 

 Lets slap on the woad and mix up real history with Hollywood history. 

The true history of Scotland is a lot of land and money grabbing cunts who'll back stab and sell you out, with the Scots from the low lands being beaten doon into submission leaving the Highland Scots to do all the fighting but trust no one because it's all very tribal. 
The Scots originally came from Ireland and bred out the mysterious indigenous Picts whose lineage was matrilineal, as in descent is traced through the mother's side then the mighty Vikings destroyed any real power the Picts and the Scots/Irish had together.

William Wallace is seen as a real anti-English symbol thanks to Mel Gibson. Wallace was an educated son of a knight who had great military successes, taking the war to the north of England and repaying English atrocities with some of his own. 'This is the truth I tell you: of all things freedom’s most fine.  Never submit to live, my son,  in the bonds of slavery entwined.’ 

It's funny as Wallace or le Waleis means the Welshman and the Welsh totally bent over for the English. It's thought that he came from Richard Wallace who followed the Stuart line to Scotland in the 12th century.
You can dress up Scottish independence as moving forward but you aren't fooling me, I have a great understanding of the psyche of my people whether it be the Irish, Scottish or English and ancient grievances are a fuel used to divide and separate and that is what is happening today. If we aren't hating foreigners then we're hating ourselves.

Groups like Siol nan Gaidheal, or Seed of the Gaels who call the English people in Scotland “white settlers” and say things like the “Lebensraum of rapacious Anglo-Saxonry” on “colonised” Scots show the campaign's real face. The decent people who call for independence are soft and naive but what can you do?  

There are real victims in this campaign and that will continue on after the result. Unlike the US you can't have a differing political opinion in public here as yer windies will get bricked or yer car beaten up.
A yes vote will be interesting but it will also give nationalist idiots the validation they need to be bigoted against the English who live in Scotland. There has always been hate crimes and sectarianism in Scotland against the English or Catholic and Protestant and this will increase. 

I'd love to see a yes vote as that would piss off the Orangemen but I can't see it happening. The polls maybe in favour of YES right now but none of that matters, it's whether or not people bother to vote on the day. It's next Thursday so hangovers shouldn't be too bad.     

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