Friday, 8 August 2014

Why So Angry?

We have long seen pictures of angry Muslims burning flags and screaming stuff but why are they so angry?
Circumcision is used in the Islamic world, it goes on to produce sub-conscious feelings of resentment and fear, what are they doing? How could my parents let this happen? Freud's attachment theory means that what happens to you as a baby affects how you are as an adult, don't get affection as a baby then you grow up not giving affection etc.  Just because you don't remember it doesn't mean that it didn't terrify that lil helpless baby.

This also explains why Americans are so angry and are drawn to big powerful guns .... because they were so powerless as a baby getting a part of their cock cut off.

 Meanwhile in Gaza.

So in the Middle east you have circumcision all round and a lack of bacon in their diets, no wonder there has never been peace in the Holy land.

While the Jews and Arabs can't grow back their knobends, they can at least eat bacon. Bacon was given to us by Gog and is a sign of his love for us.    


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