Friday, 22 August 2014

UFO Over Houston

On the 11th August during a thunder storm hundreds of people witnessed strange lights over Texas. As Texans gazed, slack jawed up at the sky the lights seemed to move in and out of formation. A UFO packed with angry Republican voting alien hybrids or the sparks from Thor's hammer as he smashes the anvil to create the storm? ..... tough call. 

The news suggested it might be a freeway light ..... that flew up into the sky, power cord still attached, dislodged each individual light, floated around, formed back up again then floated doon back to over the freeway. They never said that but that is what would have had to happen for that effect to occur high in the sky.   

Dr. Carolyn Sumners, vice president for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science was asked what she thought it could be, to sum up her answer, 'no fucking idea' that's what happens when you ask a VP. Should have asked the Air force.
The 99% who voted on whether or not they believed in extraterrestrials also believe that Saddam blew up the WTC and there is a paradise in the clouds where you can go to after you die ... but only if yer very very good. 

Texas governor Rick Perry took time out from abusing the power of his office and trampling on the reproductive rights of weemen to say, "nothing to see here, it was the light shining off yer anus"  he then unhinged his jaw and swallowed a large Guinea pig. I do have to say that his hair looked perfect as he gulped that bad boy doon.

What does Old Knudsen think it was? It was an unidentified flying object, that's what. Go on with yer life yer better not knowing ... look! Kim Kardashian uploaded yet another selfie to Twatter, must go and see.  

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