Monday, 18 August 2014

The World Ended, Go Home

They prefer the Four Horse-people of the Apocalypse. 

I know that all the end of times shit is getting old, how many times does the world have to end for fucks sake? When it does end we'll all say, "didn't see that coming" because the world is already gone ...... flatlined, no pulse, bereft of life. 

Who would have thought that the world would end and you still have to get up in the morning to go to work? Maybe this is Hell, did anyone see people getting the rapture? Christians are way too smug to get raptured and probably too bust molesting children or judging others to bother with that shite anyway, which was invented in the 1830's and doesn't have the Bible seal of approval.

A Christian couple from Texas (of course) just didn't bother to educate their 9 kids as they thought the rapture was close, they are still here, would God pick the dumb as fuck ones? If I was God .... I have only played God on TV and in the operating theaters. I would pick interesting hot people like, well give me a minute on that one.     

Nostradamus wrote not about ethnic cleansing but ethnic looting. 

In a state of misery and Louis the saint, black and white shall war, Walls of mart and the lockers of foot shall be no more and the Verizon store shall be heard no more. 

The big G's shall loot for their Merlot in their under cackers as they be too gangsta to wear a belt.  

I had no idea what this meant until I saw that there were riots in St louis county in Missouri (pronounced misery)  because the police shot an unarmed black dude who was robbing a Mini-Mart, what better reason to burn the Mini-Mart to the ground? Some brother got shot, better raid Wal-Mart, burn some shit doon and riot.
I'm telling you, civilisation will never catch on. Now and again it has a reset in which a barbarous people come in and kill all round them. No not the blacks, that's fucking racist, what about the slavery dude? Nah it's the fucking towel heads that will get ya.   
Nostradamus did not see this one cumming. 
Ann Summers is the vendor of sexy Lingerie so I am told. The British government finally got sick of parades, Loyalists and Fenian cock suckers that they put a ban on Northern Ireland people having sex and breeding. 
Police are outside this shop to prevent anyone getting any funny ideas. That won't stop us, just put a brother and sister in the same room and you'll see. A baby was just put up for adoption as the mother now 16 couldn't care for him. 
She was made pregnant when she was 13 by her 15 year-old brother. Not many details of the case have been allowed to be told so I'll fill in the probable blanks, Pentecostal and Ballymena.   

For such an uptight people and place, these lingerie shops stay open but I never see anyone coming or going, very strange. 

The Antrim hospital treating an Ebola victim ... ach you'll be grand, have a cup of tea. 

Edgar Cayce predicted that by 2020 half of the world's population will be dead from a deadly outbreak. Hey he predicted the beginning and ends to both world wars the death of JFK and Gatorade blue. 

Already we've seen Ebola spread through west Africa, within 12 seconds of a person getting infected they are on their feet ripping at the flesh of any healthy people around. In the 80's we were able to contain such diseases with strategic airstrikes deep in the jungle but now everyone has camera phones or will tweet about it. 
Social media will destroy mankind cos no one wants their airstrikes to end up on Twitter. 

Sylvia Browne predicted there would be war in the Middle east shortly before she died in November of 2013, an important personal event that she didn't predict.

War in the Middle east, now we have it .... un-fucking-canny I'm a believer! So this kitten loving cunt Abu Hairy Kebabi or whatever his name was, he left Florida to go and fight in Syria. Imagine his surprise when they told him that because he was so shite at war that he had to blow himself up for Allah.

I bet they were sniggering when they said it. He barely knew a word of sand savage and was probably just yer usual convert to Musliminity, a mouthy death to the great Satan toss bucket.... Hey that Abu guy did it, he actually did it, he drove that truck into that restaurant and it blew up, he definitely killed some people ..... of course he did I pushed the button to explode it myself, wasn't leaving it to that plonker.
When Al Qaeda spends a load of money to train you, and then after all of that puts you into the crack suicide squad then you know you have to be shite.

The world did end but people were too busy looking at their phones to notice. That's why I don't believe movies or TV shows, the heroes are never pulling out their phone every 20 seconds or staring at it as they walk along. We put blinkers or blinders onto horses so they don't get distracted but humans seem to want to be distracted, I really doubt that people are more intelligent than horses, going from experience.

So the world has ended, what do we do now?

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