Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Truth Is Out There

This is the country where I was born and raised, but there is another country, one where I get my family name from. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if things were different. What if I was Russian?  

 If Old Knudsen was Russian this would be him- ski.

David Duchovny was hired because of his Russian sounding name that sounds like the Russian word for "spiritual" by a drinks company to star in a video that had him becoming a Russian.

If he was Russian he could have went into space, the Russians aren't as picky as NASA. The ad plays on  positive stereotypes and has things that only Russians will pick up on. Probably really funny shit, as long as yer Russian that is.
Russian TV has a ban on alcohol ads and so this is only for the Interwebs. 

Or he could have been a cool as fuck Russian rock star slappin the bass. Russia has given the world so many famous rocks stars it would be so easy for him. The only famous Russians I know is Trotsky who wrote War on Peace and Chekhov from Star Trek .... oh and that hot lass who was the spy.     

So this American Hollywood star is shown as being Russian at a time when the US and the EU have been slamming sanctions onto Russia because their goons shot doon a civilian airplane in Ukraine.

In fact Russia has said fuck you all and put its own sanctions onto itself that's how crazy they are, no Polish fruit, no Ukrainian soy, fuck off Greek fruit and do we really want to import chicken from the US? ..... Do chickens not grow in Russia?

This deal and video was made just before the Malaysian airliner crash and is meant to be fun like Coca-Cola's "America is beautiful" Molson's "I am a Canadian" or the UK's Budweiser "king of beer" ads.

 Sláinte - ski!

Duchovny was raised being told that he was of Russian descent but in an ironic twist he just recently found out that he is in fact Ukrainian ..... also Polish and his chin is a little Scottish. 

Don't worry he's American and it's more or less the same cuntry huh? well if Putin has his way it will be.   

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