Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Scottish Are Revolting

Armed police were seen all throughout the common wealth games and can be seen on routine patrol in many Scottish towns including ones like Inverness which has a very low crime rate so why the need?
Northern Ireland is the only place in the UK that has an armed police force and that's because of their love of terrorism and riots. England, Scotland and Wales do have armed response teams but not on routine patrols. 

A police patrol in Glasgow.

The vote for Scottish independence will take place on the 8th September, the British government really do not want Scotland to separate from the rest of the UK as they have military bases with nuclear submarines and oil deposits at stake and have employed smear tactics and a control of broadband Internet usage, making it conveniently go out during important debates. 

While there will probably be a NO vote for independence the British government does not want to take the chance and so have armed the police. Outside of Aberdeen and Perth the government has holding camps at the ready for these yes vote dissenters to be held under the domestic terrorism act of 2003.

Over the past 2 years the police have been recruiting more from the lowlands and assigning more English to the upper ranks. The truth is out there, you just have to notice it.

 Teaching the grand kids how to dig shallow graves.

As long time readers will know, Old Knudsen is Scottish and grew up in the small towns of Frigadoon and Killamory before moving to Northern Ireland to sponge off me Belfast granny's pension, aye she's been dead for 8 years and they are still none the wiser. A yes vote for independence automatically strikes his heart as the right way to go, just to be rid of the English but too many people will vote no, out of fear to try something new. 

The Scottish people have been the butt monkeys to the English for centuries but have never just bent over and took it like the Welsh have, freedom has always been on our minds. Find yer balls and vote yes for independence and don't fear the firing squads.     

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