Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Moon Is A Fake

Picture of the moon in 1972

Noted Moon expert and Holocaust denier Dr Brain Dawson has made an astonishing claim that the moon we are looking at in the sky isn't the same one that Lance Armstrong set foot on in 1969. Their are some who don't believe that Lance Armstrong actually landed on the moon at all but that's another story.  

 The super moon over Seattle 2014.

Having spent decades studying the moon he compared his old pictures from the 70's and 80's to the moon of today.

"There are many slight differences to hundreds of features visible from Earth such as to the crater Stevinus on the upper right or the Mare Undarum or the Mare Cognitum. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble and have replaced the moon with one of their own."  

According to Dr Dawson none of the changes could have possible come from meteor strikes even though more than a metric ton of meteoroids hits the Moon every day. We know this as NASA had seismometers on the moon recording impacts, they turned them off in 1977 which is when Dr Dawson believes the moon was switched. 
NASA was doing a lot of things up there that the public never knew about such as the crashing of 9 million dollar spacecraft into the moon's surface to allegedly record the impacts.

"Armstrong landed near the bottom of the Sea of Tranquillity, we all watched the recordings but now you'll find that all the history books say it was really the center of the sea instead. This was something Armstrong himself never denied." Said Dawson from a secret location in his mother's basement.

Promoting the lie or laughing at their in-joke by using the moon in their logo?

Jeffrey Katzenberg one of the co-founders of DreamWorks animation used to work for Disney who was allegedly collaborating with NASA to do astronaut training movies in the late 70's.

Dr Dawson does not say why the moon was replaced or by who as it's a long and convoluted story, you'll have to buy the book, that's if the Jew run media will risk him exposing their world domination plans...... was that a spoiler? 

Hey lay off the foreskins and Old Knudsen will join up. 

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