Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Mind Of Hamas

Khaled Meshaal a former teacher and now leader of Hamas spoke from his luxury hotel in Qatar 1078 miles away from Israel about the war he is directing .

"The Palestinian resistance has the right to self-defense and the right to deal with the invading Israeli forces who are inside our Gaza territories with necessary means."

Israel also use the self-defense argument, you know what I don't see the Israelis doing? strapping bombs onto children or anyone else. Maybe I'll old fashioned but anyone who uses suicide bombers are automatically bad guys.

Meshaal sat there and spoke through an interpreter about how the US and Israel lie about Hamas using the people as sacrifices to gain public support.  Um this is a widely known tactic of these radical Islamists and the main reason the Arab nations told the Palestinians to stay in Gaza after the 6 day war. This is not open for denial. 
 Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?

Sometimes I feel like Cassandra who was cursed that when she told the future no one would believe her. I'm no telling the future, I'm telling of how things are. What does it say about a people who strap bombs onto kids to go kill themselves and as many Jews as possible? When they aren't doing that they are dressing them up as terrorists to celebrate terrorism.

Is this not child abuse? the pictures are of suicide bombers who are now Palestinian heroes. This is child grooming, teaching them to become the next generation of killers and haters. This happens in Northern Ireland with children thinking that Loyalist band members are what they should strive to be like or that terrorist hunger strikers were great people. It's easy to die for a cause, it takes more courage to live for it.

Meshaal didn't seem interested in saving the lives of his people, he didn't want to give up anything, it was Israel that had to give in order to have peace, he even ignored the bit about Israel having the right to be a state. When asked if Hamas could win he said in a rather excited way:

"To kill their soldiers while they kill our civilians is also a victory for the Palestinian cause and Hamas."

That right there tells you everything. They say they don't sacrifice the people to gain support against Israel but it's great for them that it's happening ..... all going to plan. They know how Israel will react if rockets are fired at them and that is why they do it.

Remember, they still don't use the Palestine people as human shields. That would be a cuntish thing to do.

In August 2001 Hamas terrorist Ahlam Tamimi led a suicide bomber to the Sbarro pizza shop in Jerusalem . 15 people were killed in the suicide blast. 7 of them were children.
UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency found Hamas rockets and bombs stored in one of their schools. To repeat that, in one of their Schools

Not much outrage directed at Hamas .... why is this? 

They expressed outrage then handed the weapons over to Hamas. The Al Shifa Hospital was used by Hamas as a headquarters, reporters in Palestine have to be careful of what they report for fear of Hamas reprisals, 7 reporters have been killed during this recent offensive.
Aishi Zidan a reporter from the Helsinki Dispatch did a report about how she spent the night at that hospital and said how rockets were being launched at 2 am from the parking lot.

Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati verified accounts that Hamas rockets being fired from a playground mis-fired and killed 10 people (or 30 if you listen to Hamas) the IDF were quickly blamed for firing rockets at the school. How many other attacks have they been blamed for?

No doubt that the IDF have killed innocent civilians but the 1,400 dead really rests on the shoulders of Hamas. Why are the IDF fighting near UN schools full of refugees? instead ask the question 'why are Hamas always hanging around those places?'

If they can think nothing about blowing up women and children as suicide bombers, store weapons in UN schools and fire rockets at Israel from hospital grounds then why does everyone have such a hard time thinking that they wouldn't use civilians as human shields? 

Mosab Hassan Yousef  is the son of Hamas founder and leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef. He left Palestine and converted to Christianity and has written a book Son of Hamas about his time growing up there. 
He says that Hamas don't care about dead Palestinians, Americans or Jews, they don't even care about their own lives. All they care about is building an Islamic state on the rubble of all the nations who aren't Islamic. 

He says how they teach them this ideology from as young as the age of  five. These children grow up believing in this, they have parents, cousins, uncles, aunts all who believe in this but all the media shows are dead people with no fanatical ideology, just dead people. 

The West can't think like these people, they can to a point but they value their own lives too much. Even the IRA didn't do suicide bombers. It's like a hive mind in which the cause will always be greater than the individual. You have that drummed into you and don't forget the 72 virgin somethings and the fame you'll get after you die. 

The closest other thing that we've encountered are the Japanese Kamikaze of WWII. They were told that their nobility of spirit would keep the homeland from ruin even in defeat. The Japanese were big into the hive mind and the unimportance of the individual. They were so fanatical in their cause to win that it took not one but two nukes to force their surrender. The way they treated POW's showed their belief that everyone else was inferior so what did it matter?        

That is what we are dealing with when it comes to radical fundamentalists and that includes their followers, the ones that don't do the fighting but help and hide the fighters.... and even vote them into power.

There is a war going on that nobody unfriends people on Facebook over. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said that the death toll in the Syrian civil war is somewhere around 115,000.  

At least 9,092 children have been killed while 5,873 women were also killed. There are outbreaks of polio, typhoid, hepatitis, and the flesh-eating parasite, leishmaniasis. Schools and hospitals are even less safe than in Gaza.

The Battle of Aleppo has been going on since 2010, the government helicopters indiscriminately dropped barrel bombs killing thousands, this has been quietly condemned. Did you hear it?  Right now the Syrian government along with a well known terrorist group similar to Hamas called Hezbollah are trying to surround and block off Aleppo.

Where is all the news about this?  115,000 dead in Syria while in Gaza 1,400 dead gets all the outrage. 
The war in Syria has produced 2.14 refugees who fled to Jordan, Iraq Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, North Africa. 50% are children.  

 All the reporters are in Gaza.

So why has there been no public outrage about how Boko Haram have killed at least 2,000 people in Africa this year alone or about the 200 killed in the past few weeks in Libya, or the usual daily death toll from Iraq, 357 dead from the fighting that happened on the 2nd August .... just the usual huh? or the Syrian war with 115,000 dead? Silence and small blurbs on news sites.    

Are all the reporters in Gaza hoping to snap a cute dead child to stir up anti-Israeli sentiment? There has been a rise in Neo-Nazism across the world with right wing parties (or protest voting) like UKIP doing well in elections, this sort of thing happens during every recession, people become cunts, but I can't help feeling that it's more than the usual outrage and self-entitlement.

When do Jews, their businesses and places of worship get openly attacked? This isn't 1930's Germany but sometimes it looks like it.  

I've listed some of the many things you should be outraged about but still it's Gaza that does it for you and you don't even know the mindset of these people dying for yer viewing enjoyment. 

You are stuck in the Matrix being manipulated by the media, your opinions aren't even your own.


marke said...

Ah, I dunno, Knudsen, but I reckon you'd get shitty and desperate if a bunch of people came and started taking your land inch by inch. I doubt anyone would sit quietly and let it happen.

1947 to 2007 maps of territory: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2009/09/14/freezing-israeli-settlements-is-only-lea

Israeli settlements in the West Bank: http://ivarfjeld.com/2009/06/14/56-per-cent-of-israelis-back-settlement-construction/

Old Knudsen said...

If you can keep the land then so be it, that is the way of the world, move on nomads you've lost. Just like the Native Americans and we Irish in the north of Ireland. Hamas are more than a bit shitty. While I don't agree with the Jews being in Israel in the first place they are and they are on our side, sorry for yer loss ragheads, dry yer eyes and move on.