Monday, 25 August 2014

The Militarization Of The Police Must Stop


PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton has addressed public concern about the militarization of the police service of Northern Ireland.
Unlike the police on mainland Britain the PSNI carry sidearms and during riots will use tear gas and rubber bullets, while the police in England just use stern, loud, clear words like, "Refrain from this anti-social behaviour at once .... or legal action shall ensue." .... "desist!"

With the problems of Ferguson Missouri being featured on the news, the British people have looked at their own police body armour and equipment and said, "that gear looks expensive and probably protects the wearer from bricks and petrol bombs somewhat, we had better put a stop to it as I don't like seeing it on the news."

As a step down to make riots more public friendly the police will be told to dress more casually, maybe in a wooly sweater or cardigan. Chief Constable Hamilton has already introduced Nerf guns to replace the tear gas launchers.

Hamilton from his office in Malibu said, "We don't want police officers to look intimidating, especially during  a period of civil unrest, what if an object thrown at an officer bounced off their helmet and hit a member of the public? Also those tear gas and rubber bullet launchers could put someone's eye out so a Nerf gun firing a projectile with a soft foam tip instead of the standard rubber end will replace them."   

New EU laws, aimed at not offending anyone and showing up the Americans will come into force at the start of next year making it compulsory to take a 30 minute break after every 2 hours of rioting. It is hoped that by 2018, riots will be banned completely.

Hamilton continues, "If the protesters ..... rioters is too aggressive a term, had been asked what they wanted from the shops they looted there wouldn't have been as much trouble. This whole situation could all have been avoided had the American police adapted our 3 strikes law."    

The three strikes law allows the public 3 strikes at the police officers before they are allowed to defend themselves ..... if they can. Our system is not perfect as an alleged criminal sued the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2110 when he broke two fingers while punching an officer, the officer was accused of not being fully in a fetal position.  

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