Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Last Shit

 No surrender ... I like that bit.

One TV show that Old Knudsen is watching is called The last ship, it's about a US Navy ship that was at sea when a pandemic like Ebola or Man Flu wiped out most of humanity. The crew of the Nathan James were at sea testing a weapons system but only the hot English scientist chick knew that their real mission was for her to find an older version of the virus up in the arctic and to make a vaccine.   

A crew of hotties with one token dork and a fatty who is the cook.

A Russian admiral attacks them cos he likes hot English birds and vaccines an shit and wey hey the plot is off. Radar beeps, shallow water the heap.

Add one ugly English lab assistant who was working for the Russians because.....
The Admiral Bond villain guy has his hot English wife as a fuck buddy hostage.... I told you he liked English birds. I doubt the lab assistant will be able to do better than her, especially at the end of the world so yeah, he's annoyed.  

Did I mention that Adam Baldwin was the number two? ... fuck yeah, a little chunky and thin on top but no one sneers like he does..... "I said hold the pepperoni you maggot!"

 Those shoulders have to be fake. I bet he works out.... a lot.

Captain Chandler is like if Captain Kirk worked out and could control his libido. He has a secret, he hasn't had a crap in 5 months and the strain is starting to show. 

In the old days the British army would control yer poo by giving you rations that would bung you up, that was so you'd be killing the enemy and not getting caught with yer pants doon. I reckon Captain Chandler doesn't like sea food, too much salty seamen maybe. 

My guts are killing me, my shoulders are all bloated, I need a shit, why oh Poseidon have you forsaken me? Who do I have to kill for a good dungy?   

Don't get me wrong, I like this show, it takes me back to ma semen days, tossing all day at sea with Roger the cabin boy and seaman Stains, aye it was totally ghey but not durty like prison ghey, we were real men who wore Old Spice and laughed at flesh wounds and STD's. 

I nearly felt it crown and you had to say something in that snooty accent, NEVER interrupt a man's ka.

Strain like this would break a man, but not Captain Tom Chandler, when he finds the cure and saves humanity then he can sit doon and take care of business, until then he will risk all including the risk of the veins bursting in his brain.   

He will save us all, NO SURRENDER! ..... YEEEOOOHHH!!!!

And Gog bless Old Navy!

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