Friday, 22 August 2014

The Islamic State Harshly Mocks America

IS terrorists Reyaad Khan in the middle and Nasser Muthana on the right, both from Cardiff, fuck I hate the Welsh!.... they don't look very Welsh.

Mooslims are everywhere! ya can't even fire a Hellcat missile into a U.N. refugee shelter without hitting loads of them .... of course that would be a wrong thing to do probably.
I was reading the Koran the other day and saw a passage about if yer neighbour throws rocks or other missiles at you, hold yer children up in front of you to deflect them with their love, and I thought the Bible was fucked up.

Amidst all this newly rediscovered antisemitism around the world I hope you are still remembering to eye Muslims suspiciously in case they are suicide bombers or something. David Cameron says that 400 Britons are fighting with IS (Islamic State) how does he know this? has there been a census taken?

Maybe cos they are all on twitter mocking the US with all the equipment they have taken. They take pictures with gear that has 'property of the United States Government' on it and dare the US to come and get it back.
Ali Baa El Baa baa@Americantroops
Where are you Americans, come back and play or are you afraid? 

The Obama administration got on it right away and Michelle started a hashtag. I'm surprised there hasn't been more attacks in Britain or the US from radicalised Muslim youths who are UK and US citizens. Maybe they don't want their mammys to know.

Khaled Sharrouf from Sydney ..... Australia, doesn't give a fuck who knows. He posted a picture on Twitter of his seven year-old son holding the head of a Syrian soldier and said, "That's my boy." Then again it's nice that a father and son can do things together, my Da didn't let me near any of the severed heads we had at home ... aye, I have daddy issues.

The 400 who are fighting in Iraq or Syria probably burned their passports in some act of defiance so I doubt they'll be flying back any time soon. Jahadis are not too bright.

There has been a lot of talk from American Conservatives regarding the US/Mexico border. The border is a vast stretch of land and impossible to guard every inch of it. Much goes through private property and these ranchers have set up cameras to see who is going through their land.

   There are fences that just stop ... it's the idea of security that counts.

The ranchers found that lines of about 20 people at a time walked through their property, some with packages on their backs and guards with assault rifles, no doubt drug gangs. To avoid too much attention the drug cartels use young children to carry their drugs through because regular gang members tend to get gang tattoos which is really just a walking advertisement. Coyotes ... guides who are paid to take people across the border often leave them out there to die after taking their money. 

While walking at night they'll point to a radio tower with it's light at the top and tell them, "Right Houston is 20 minutes that way" and they leave. In reality these people could be 200 miles from anywhere, stuck out in the desert. Ranchers often find people on their door step and carry extra water in case they stumble upon any lost souls.  

There are civilian militias who run around with guns playing at being patriots but they soon get bored with all the sitting about in the heat. If they ever happened across a drug cartel they'd pee themselves.

The US/Mexican border is in no way secure and never will be, it's yet another issue to beat Obama with as he has done nothing about it. Like he cares, he is in his second term and is just coasting along.

A documentary maker dressed like Osama Bin laden and crossed a small shallow river to show just how easy it was to do it with no border guards in sight, he could have used a metal bridge on up a little if he didn't want to get his feet wet.

"Finally I'm in America, now for part one of my plan ... Find a Hooters and order a bacon burger and a beer, I'm parched and most hungry and American boobies please my little camel."

I don't think Osama could have done this as I remember putting two in his chest and one in his head as if it was yesterday. On the Statue of liberty it says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Now it should say, "Fuck off we're full up, unless you have money and are white."

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