Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Ferguson Riots

Fuck the police I had breakfast for dinner!

Nice white liberals with their black man's burden/guilt are up in arms ... but without the arms cos guns are bad. 
In a place called Ferguson in Missouri a young man named Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer. The details are murky but because he was black and unarmed then it's automatically wrong. The police say he was walking doon the middle of the road stopping cars.

Why would you do that? a criminal might be trying to jack a car or maybe he was trying to sell the cigars he stole from the Mini-Mart previously. 

The officer that shot him did so for resisting arrest, when a police officer with a gun tells you not to run and to raise yer hands you do so very slowly and with complete submission. When police stop you they don't know you. A 6ft 4in dude who robs Mini-Marts with intimidation that his size gives him can appear very menacing, you don't know if he has a weapon, his every action is in question. 

Even if he didn't have a weapon he could use his size and strength to take yers.  

The cop didn't know that Brown had robbed a Mini-Mart but Brown knew and maybe that's why he thought he was being arrested. Add a disrespect for authority and the police and you have a man-child with a bad attitude.

As a result there was arson, looting and riots. Like the LA riots and the London riots it was mostly black people, I'm not being racist that is a reality, it's also why I compare the fleggers of Northern Ireland to low class poorly educated black people, any issues they have is an excuse for a riot. 

The Ferguson police were criticized, not just just for the shooting but how they handled the riots. When faced with bricks and petrol bombs the police got out their body armour, tear gas, rubber bullets and armoured vehicles .   

Northern Ireland police in their much used riot gear.  

I'm at a loss why people think that police officers do not have the right to protect and defend themselves.   
Many police departments in the US are under funded and can't get a lot of equipment. The department of homeland security had a program in which many PD's got anti-terrorist equipment and if that is what you have and there is a riot then of course yer going to use it. 

Liberals who have never been in a fight never mind a riot are complaining about the militarization of the police, would this be an issues if they had all black gear rather than camo coloured? 

The truth is that you cannot have enough riot gear and when someone throws a metal grate at yer head you will go doon, even with a helmet on. They are trying to kill you. I'm surprised the US rioters don't use some guns.

What are you going to do, take away the riot gear and let the police get hurt? take away their armoured vehicles to make it easier for scumbags to riot? Why not remove their handguns too, that's what started it. 

 Fuck the police!

For years the police in the Republic of Ireland (Garda) have been getting the fuck knocked out of them on the regular basis as they don't have guns, just a baton and pepper spray, they only recently got the pepper spray and sometimes get stab proof vests or they buy them themselves. 
The armed response teams in the Irish and the police in England have been getting more funding and more usage as it's a changing world and being outgunned by the bad guys isn't good.  

I'm sorry yer vagina weeps at the thought of a well armed and equipped police force but giving rioters a stern talking to doesn't work. Looting and burning doon shops isn't a normal reaction and so you have to use tactics that are not normal too. 

Michael Brown robbing the Mini-Mart and the tiny owner standing up to him.

In Northern Ireland our rioting lasted for a year because the police stood and took the punishment given to them all the while recording them and hoping to arrest them later. Not a great tactic. The London riots lasted a week because the police were allowed to get on with things, as did the LA riots of 1992. 

There are many PD's in the US who are a little trigger happy at times. You don't always have a car with two police officers like you see in the movies, sometimes it's just one cop. Going into situations can be very stressful and you don't always make the right call. There are bad apples or hiring screening might not be too picky. 
In the city of Rialto (the home of the late Rodney King) you have a crappy under funded PD, they recently got body cameras for their officers and police shootings have gone doon 20% no longer is it your word or their word, it's on camera. 

I think everyone should have body cameras, then you'd have a lot less lying and second guessing.  

Americans yap about rights all the time, police officers have a right to be safe too. As for Michael Brown, that's a thug's life for you. Karma does work sometimes, yer actions often dictate yer future. 

If all I had was body armour from DHS then I'd wear it and not care if it hurt yer feelings.


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