Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday protest


Time for some beauty in yer life. When people aren't going to church and abusing children they are making their valuable opinions on gheys, immigrants and disputed territories in the Middle east be heard.
It's great that you have opinions and all, I just wish they were formulated out of logic, reason and reality rather than band wagon jumping and media manipulation. 

A few hundred people get killed in the Middle east and everyone loses their minds, gee it's not as if that has ever happened before. Today's post is for you protesters .... keep it real.

If you can wank to it then it isn't a protest, no stinking watermark will stop me. Who doesn't always wear short shorts to protests? 
What? Is religion not what keeps this world united in perfect harmony? It's almost as if it's a load of bollocks.
These are not the norks you are after.
 NO! to something. Very professional hand placement. 
It's not appropriate to call Ukraine 'The' Ukraine anymore but I don't care it's what I do. Pee on me if you want .... I know that I want.
Why does no one protest male circumcision? Somehow they have made it into an acceptable form of child abuse. Since the penis can no longer produce it's natural lubricant I suspect companies who make hand lotion have something to do with this continuing practice. 
 Take the hint. Power to the people!

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