Saturday, 9 August 2014

Recycling The Shock And Awe

The U.S. have come under fire (see what I did there?) by critics concerned that by attacking ISIS terrorists (now called IS for Islamic State) in Iraq they are destroying American weapons and vehicles given to the Iraqi military by the U.S.

Two FA-18 Hornet jets were launched from the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier and destroyed artillery guns used by the IS.

We can't just afford to give out million dollar equipment just to blow it up 10 years later, some of these weapons have a lifetime guarantee, made in America, you don't see much of that anymore.

By destroying a Dodge, Chrysler or Ford truck full of screaming towel heads wanting to kill someone or something with yon anti-aircraft gun you are destroying a piece of the American soul ..... how dare you!   

I do however applaud the Iraqi forces for the recycling initiative they have shown and boy can those Iraqis run, they should have won tons of gold in the Olympics .

Pocal Industries in Scranton Pennsylvania are paying Palestinians the scrap metal worth to return the parts of the missiles and mortar rounds that don't explode.  

Thank you for showing environmentally friendly leadership and for helping the people of Palestine. 


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