Thursday, 7 August 2014

Prince Charles Joins Al Qaeda

Prince Charles and his royal fuck buddy Camilla have joined the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda. Tired of waiting for his mother to die he sees this as a sure way to gain power and to embrace the traditional values of Jihad as set out by Osama Bin Laden which are 1) Death and destruction to the great Satan 2) Islamic states for everyone 3) Then we kill the Batman 4) Only natural fibers be worn.

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri met with the Prince in Qatar and it is thought that he will take a step doon and make Charles the number one as al-Zawahiri was never leadership material while Charles was born to the role. 

Charles recently made waves when he compared Valdimir Putin to Hitler and suggested that NHS doctors used herbal oils like lavender in their treatment for cancer instead of the expensive placebos  they use now. 

I'll fuck you up infidel 

Recently a memo from ISIS in Iraq said that all weemen in Mosul will be subject to Female Genital Mutilation. It is thought to be a fake memo however this is done in many Islamic states. When asked if Camilla will undergo FGM Charles answered, " Her genitals look like they have been mutilated all ready, they were like that when I got there ..... aaaaaa like slices of roast beef, my Willy Wonka certainly doesn't mind her droopy drippy laffy taffy though."    

It is unsure whether or not Charles will be still be allowed to be King should the Queen die or Abdicate, many would be happy if  Charles was passed over and William be made King. Kate has far better norks than Camilla any way.  


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