Saturday, 30 August 2014

ISIS Melted My Ice-Cream

Do you ever look at the world with all its fake drama and feel disgusted? A Belfast born baker failed in a reality show called The Great British Bake Off, what is being blamed is that a fellow contestant removed the ice-cream from the freezer for 40 seconds but Iain Watters the baker decided his Baked Alaska was ruined and binned the ice-cream.
So Twitter went nuts, the Belfast Telegraph newspaper formed a petition for the BBC to apologise to Watters because he didn't present a desert and lost. TOTAL OUTRAGE!!!! SABOTAGE!!!!
Oh and Madonna may be slagging Lady Gaga off in her new song, I didn't know Madonna was still singing. Is Lady Gaga just a copy of Madonna? When did Madonna buy the copyright to being a slag?

Disgusted by this trivial bollocks yet?

ISIS marched 250 Syrian National Army troops into the desert (not a long march) all stripped doon to their skivvies and executed them. This was after ISIS captured Tabqa air base. Yes, I know that the Syrian army are the enemy but this shit is not cool.

ISIS also kills any men, weemen and children they don't like the look off, they are wiping out the "good" Syrian rebels who aren't mad Mooslims in these executions too.
According to Christian sites ISIS are beheading children but since it's only Christian sites who report on Christian persecution this cannot be verified though the persecution of the Yazidis is real enough and there are still many Yazidis stranded on Mount Sinjar in Iraq trying to fend off ISIS.

The Christian sites don't really seem to care about the Yazidis as they are a little too strange for them. Not at all very Christian.


ISIS captured 15 Kurdish fighters as a warning to the US to not help the Kurds. They even beheaded one of them near Mosul in the same manner as journalist James Foley and promised more.  They'll just shoot them anyways if they don't behead them.

The Peshmerga are Kurdish fighters whose name literally means 'those who face death' how fucking cool is that? It could only be better if it was Those who laugh at death or Those who mock paper cuts.

They have been a thorn in the side of Saddam for years and now ISIS. They are some of the few who will actually fight and win against ISIS, showing ISIS up as nothing more then wankers with guns.

Hey ISIS, yer Boko Harem ..... HA HA!

Or worse...

Hey ISIS, yer Al Qaeda .... HA HA! .... "I will fist you to death America but I will lube up as we aren't that bad and a dry fisting is terrible, take my word on that."

The Kurds have asked for arms and equipment from the west and I say Hell yeah but they can only do so much.

ISIS want to promote an aura of power and fear, it's easy to kill stripped down unarmed prisoners. The Kurds have shown that ISIS can be beat, they aren't all that if you have the balls to stand up to them.
I hear talk about oh if someone invaded yer land you'd fight against them, well why haven't the Iraqi people been fighting them? Too busy running or being executed for not being Mooslim enough. The Kurds pick and choose their battles and mostly fight against the bad guys, they have been consistent in this.  

ISIS cannot afford to hold prisoners as that takes food and ties up their fighters and they can't just release them so killing them is their only option, all the rest of their brutality is just showing them up as the unprofessional force of fanatics that they are. I would be more inspired to fight to the death than run or surrender but that is me. Go on yer own terms.

I'm sure the people of Iraq and Syria would like nothing better than having Britney Spears' relationships or ice bucket challenge water waste as their main concerns but they don't, they have to worry about survival for themselves and their children, we are sooo lucky in this respect and yet so sad and trivial too.

C'mon Obama, quit being a beige suit wearing Anti-Christ for 5 minutes and mount up. Fuck yer lack of strategy, what you had failed.
We need Obama and his lap dogs of shame (the UK and other weak willed nations) to go and defeat ISIS. Learn from the Kurds if you need to, use Iraqi troops as canon fodder, help Assad because he is the lesser evil, whatever, get it done without pissing off Syria and it's big friend Russia. 

It can be done and it needs to be done.

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