Wednesday, 20 August 2014

ISIS Cowards Behead Journalist

American photojournalist James Foley was captured by Islamic terrorists at the end of last year. He knew the risks of going into war zones and had been captured and released by other factions before.

His luck finally ran out when IS (Islamic State) formerly known as ISIS beheaded him on video, blaming Obama and America for his death as the US have started to fight against the advance of IS in Iraq.

ISIS are more used to Iraqi soldiers running away but now the tables have turned. The Americans stepped in to rescue hundreds of fleeing Yazidis and then helped Iraqi soldiers to re-take a vital dam in Mosul, ISIS are not used to losing and do not like anyone standing up to them ... just like bullies.

In the desert, on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back he made a statement about how he wished that he had more time and how this is America's fault .... standard bollocks that they are forced to say. The people who knew him know what parts of it to believe.

Beside him is a masked coward with a British accent. David Cameron has said that we have at least 400 Brits fighting along side ISIS so it makes sense that they do the PR work. Someone in the UK must recognize this piece of shit, I hope his parents are proud.

After he stands there talking shite he steps behind Foley and hacks at his throat to sever his head with his 5 inch blade. This is common practice with radical Islamists and the knife used seemed a lot better than some of the rusty pocket knives used in the past.

I am disgusted by these actions as I am with everything else they have done, this is psychological warfare,  rather than make me fear them it makes me want to bomb the fuck out of them I'm sure many in the US will feel the same.

From now on I'm going to call them ISIS, I don't care what they change their name to this one suits me better so fuck em, I'm not playing. 

If you listen to Foley's voice and look at his expression you can see that ISIS lost this one. Sure it takes a big brave man to kill a cuffed man with guns trained on him but Foley faced it with courage.

Sure he was afraid but he did the best he could to have a brave death thus robbing ISIS from any point they meant to make with this.

Well done Mr Foley and may you be at peace, we'll make the cunts pay.


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