Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hamas Don't Care

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum

Peace talks in Cairo stalled as Hamas want the blockade of Gaza lifted and Israel wants Hamas to disarm.
Israel's view is that you can't lift the blockade if Hamas are only going to get more rockets to fire at Israel, that would be stupid.
Hamas' view is that you can't destroy Israel and kill it's soldiers and teenagers without weapons.
An Egyptian plan, in which President Mahmoud Abbas would oversee the borders around Gaza, still remains on the table but that isn't good enough for Hamas as Abbas, the Palestinian leader is from the Fatah party. Hamas recently had a plan to overthrow Abbas which was recently foiled by Israel.  

Food was getting through despite the blockade, but who was it going to? 

The peace negotiations are about what Hamas can get, they do not have the interest of the people they use as shields when they fire from civilian areas and fight around UN shelters .... there are lesser populated places to fire from.
Hamas also worry about how strong the Fatah party (their rivals) will become out of these peace talks, it's not about peace for Hamas it's always been the destruction of Israel and being in control.

When Hamas break yet another ceasefire to make a point, even the most limp wristed liberal type has to figure out sooner or later they are being played.


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