Thursday, 28 August 2014

Go Uzi On Yer Children

9mm Uzi Sub Machine gun.

So anyway, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE??????? My blog will exist as long as people are fuckwits ..... and as long as me heart can take the stress.

I get the whole American 2nd amendment thing, ya need to have weapons in case you need to overthrow the government again, not that the government would let you overthrow it. Fat civvie with his AR15 versus a tank or drone ... or a trained soldier who doesn't pee himself when shit gets real. Yer only fooling yerself. 

A 9 year-old gurl was being taught how to to fire an Uzi .... a great starter weapon I'm sure you'll agree.
Take a tip from Kony and start them off with an AK47 ya twats. So this family were on holiday in Arizona (probably touring America's Hellmouths) and stopped by the Last stop shooting range for a Burgers and Bullets day were you get lunch and the chance to shoot a choice of over 20 automatic weapons .... sounds like a holiday to never forget.

The instructor, Charles Vacca should have been ready for what happens when you fire a weapon on automatic, maybe he had a brain fart, the parents certainly did.

After shooting on single shot (9mm is like a pop gun) she switched to auto, his last words were, “All right, full auto." The gun was too much for the little gurl to control and it reared up with the rapid recoil and shot the instructor in the head.

The range lets children as young as eight use machine guns with parental supervision ... yay for the 2nd fucking amendment. I'm sure that the founding fathers had this in mind.

So one guy (with a young family) is dead and a young gurl's life is ruined, well done those trigger happy parents, YES IT IS YER FAULT YOU DICKHEADS! a holiday to never forget, lets hope her teacher doesn't get her to write what she did during the summer. Look at her, does she seem like she could control a machine gun?

What is wrong with some people?

 They look terrified to me and is that first lad shooting birds?

Well we know what's wrong with Al Qaeda, ISIS Hezbollah and Hamas, they're fucking terrorist wank stains convinced by religious brainwashing (just like Christians and Jews) that they are superior, they don't just teach their children how to shoot but how to kill and die.

I am just disgusted at these parents and the burgers and bullets day .... learn how to shoot up yer school cos shooting is fun! Every time you fancy a burger I want you to equate it with shooting. Does any of this sound like responsible behaviour?  I'm all for guns (with background checks and age limits) but I am not for this.

It also saddens me that these parents have to handle this to do the least possible damage to the child, they are so going to fuck her up even more. "Hey lil Brittany, the best way to get over this is to get back to the firing range, so we've bought you a Smith & Wesson M&P15, just like James Holmes had .... oh you probably know him as the Batman shooter, pah! kids today. "



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