Thursday, 21 August 2014

Everyone In England Is A Pedo

 Elm guest house.
Was everyone in Britain in the public eye in the 70's and 80's child molesters? It seems that way. People who the British public have loved for decades such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris touched up those they were supposed to be entertaining.

Now another British legend Sir Cliff Richard has had allegations of sexually assaulting a young boy at a Billy Graham rally in the 80's. This case has been going around for years just spinning away, no one looking into it. Much like how Sir Jimmy Savile's rumours of sexual assault didn't go anywhere until he died.
Is that where Old Knudsen is going wrong, he has to be a pedo to get a knighthood?

In 1974 a group called PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) formed, they believed that children could consensually have sex and the age of consent should be lowered to 4 or 5 years old, it was a totally legal group with thousands of members in positions in the media, politics and security services.
Retired ambassador to Canada Sir Peter Hayman KCMG, CVO, MBE was one of it's very known members and while other PIE members where prosecuted he was just told to go home.

Elm guest house was a ghey friendly bed and breakfast in London in the 70's where PIE members and others used to meet for parties and would have young boys from the nearby care homes brought over to be molested.

    Leon Britton former Home Secretary can't recall being a pedo.

One of the guest lists had, Anthony Blunt, MI5 traitor, Harvey Proctor, convicted pedophile,Sir Peter Bottomley Worthing MP, Leon Britton former Home Secretary ... he was the one who would get files on things that the police wanted to investigate like Elm guest house. Peter Brooke, Life Peer, John Rowe, MI5 and former MP, Cyril Smith, ex Rochdale MP, known pedophile but was never charged, Gary Walker, Sinn Fein, Chris Denning,  BBC DJ, convicted pedophile, Louis Minster, Head of Richmond Social Services, Colin Peters, QC and a convicted pedophile, Steve Everett, Senior Westminster Social worker.

The people who run things and investigate things are all up to their balls in it. Cliff Richard was also on the guest list, he was with his boyfriend code named Gladys. Neither have been linked to any cases of pedophilia.  

Cliff Richard with his "companion"  ex priest John McElynn.

Cliff was our answer to Elvis, then he became known as the Peter Pan of pop as he looked well for his age. A devout Christian his sexuality has always been in question though he proclaims loudly for all to hear that he almost married two women in all his years. 

He believes in same sex marriage but has said he's not ghey, he has also said he isn't a pedophile too. 

The guy in the green leotard isn't ghey either ..... yeah right.  

While it may seem that he's a raging cream puff in his leather troosers, yellow t-shirt and roller skates you have to understand that in the UK that is doon right manly .... well in England anyways. It's hard for us to know if he's ghey, or just English.   

The guest house was raided in 1977 by special branch and closed. The couple who ran it had their son taken away from them and in 1984 PIE dissolved. No investigations as the members were protected by special branch and higher up in the government. I mean Sinn Fein people mixing with the heads of state wearing tutus in 1977 ..... The IRA were in full kill the Brits swing then. 

In 2012 Labour MP Tom Watson asked David Cameron about an investigation into all the homes that provided young children to the large government pedophile ring and operation Fernbridge was started.
So many children's homes involved and children who just vanished and their files shredded. No one to miss them.  

What about Cliff Richard? after Rolf Harris anything is possible. Why did Cliff sell his house in Weybridge Surrey and become a citizen of Barbados? was it just so he didn't have to pay taxes in the UK or was he cutting UK ties just in case we go Savile on his ass? 

"I will always be British and proud of it" .... aye ya just won't live here or pay taxes but yer proud.

He has a flat in England .... which just got raided by the peelers looking for 30 year-old stained children's underwear or something. He also has a flat in New York and a farmhouse in Portugal. He says he'll return to Britain to answer questions by the police if needed as he has nothing to hide. 

Some of Cliff's songs are, bachelor boy, the young ones, living doll and firm young boy.  Well ok I may have made the last one up.

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