Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ebola Virus Hits Atlanta

A patient with Ebola has been flown in for treatment at a high-security ward at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Unlike the TV shows there won't be a dramatic rip in a hazmat suit but all those who are not leading man material should make themselves scarce just in case.

At first flu-like symptoms can lead to external haemorrhaging from areas like eyes and gums, and internal bleeding which can lead to organ failure. It kills up to 90% of those infected but look on the bright side, that 10% made it, in Africa those who survive can expect to be shunned by their society anyway.

Ach that sounds like me after a night on the piss that ended with a curry. Now I'm not a one for panic but I'd be like yer lass on the walking dead TV show, at the first sign on a cough she kills them with fire just in case.


If Ebola makes it to Northern Ireland, say maybe a Nigerian prince in search of white weemen to rape gets to George Best airport and well hes got the sniffles who will notice that it's gonna turn into Ebola? Airport staff aren't the brightest.  Hes been on a small metal box with recycling air, I'm sure no one else has been infected.

 The Antrim hospital on a normal day.

So he gets worse and gets sent to the Antrim hospital for treatment, who knows what is wrong with him? The doctors here aren't trained to think outside of the box and either just don't know or think the patient is lying.   That hospital has just been dinged again for it's lack of hygiene but I'm sure we'll all be safe. I don't want to go there for normal medical stuff never mind Ebola. 

Tea, coffee? ..... killed with fire? 

No one over here covers their mouths when they cough or sneeze, if yer in a crowd it is not uncommon for the person in front to turn their heads and cough in yer face, at least they spared those in front of them.
If you use the restrooms you'll see people either just not washing their hands or pretending to wash .... I don't know what the fuck that is about. It's like they mime just in front of the running faucet then they blow dry their hands all the while looking very twitchy and self conscious which makes you notice them.

Disgusting hygiene and bad health is a European thing and a part of our culture, we don't even have the chicken pox vaccine available and hardly vaccinate against anything else. Aye they'll give you a prescription for Aspirin and will warn you against the horrifying dangers of taking it but Ebola? ach you'll be grand just rest up and have a cuppa.  If you still feel bad after 6 weeks then just make an appointment ..... which will take another 2 weeks to get.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are War, Famine, Conquest, and Death, we've had non-stop war since 2001, they stopped making Twinkies... famine, Iraq, Syria and Gaza are facing conquest and death, well I'm sure this Ebola outbreak is just a coincidence.

No one believes in that Bible crap until their brain makes some patterns and the end of times has been called on numerous occasions. Do we have an Anti-Christ? ach Obama doesn't count cos Satan has to be a white man the way he gets on.



Cathy said...

HOly chyt, people's flem is flying through the air all the time. No one cares and everyone will get very very sick. I read The Hot Zone years ago remember Ebola Rexton? If it can get lose in West Virginia, time to dig a hole in the back yard. I WANT TO LIVE!! I WANT TO RUN NAKED IN THE RAIN AGAIN!! I WISH I NEVER HEARD OF E-BOWL-A!!! Ah hell, I'm doomed too.

Old Knudsen said...

Consider this a virtual slap now pull yerself together and get naked.