Monday, 11 August 2014

DUP Shaming

Woeful incompetence or fraudulent actions .... maybe a bit of both. DUP Politician Nelson McCauseland needs to resign, as does many of his fellow DUP members. McCauseland claimed that contractors working for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive were overpaid £18m, these firms were 'named and shamed' in the Assembly (political assembly, not school, but similar) but then it turned out that the figure of £18m had been pulled out of McCauseland's arse, much like the Ulster/Scots language he promotes and gets EU money for, ach yer ma nan weet na coom buket .... Your mother is a cum bucket.  

Some firms agreed to pay £670,000 to the Executive while one firm was actually owed money. This thing called accounting isn't exact ya know, it relies on the moon and the stars ... assuming that the world is only 6,000 years-old that is as we had fewer stars back then and a sun was 3 score and 5 which is elevenity sleven.


Health minister Edwin Poots tried to ban gheys from donating blood, the thing is that we'd get sent blood from England if we needed it and they don't have any such discriminatory ban which makes it stupid for us to have one, but still he kept trying ..... He is also fighting to stop ghey couples from adopting and uses public funds to pursue his will (as inspired by the Bible) through the courts.   

Ian Paisley jr is just retarded or something. Remember when he stood up at Westminster with a sheet of facts and figures about how countries that have same sex marriage now have more divorce? ... aye that took some of the politicians by surprise and the laugh they had, then the speaker of the hoose slowly and carefully explained causality and effect to him as she would to a child. 

Did you know that countries where Justin Bieber has toured have had a sharp increase in suicide? Well actually that one does make sense.   

Peter Robinson the leader of the DUP is a spineless racist cunt. When asked about Muslims he said that he wouldn't take spiritual advice from them but would trust them to go to the shops for him ... He didn't see anything wrong with saying that which explains why it took him a week to apologise and even then he just did it because someone said it was the right thing to do, I bet he still doesn't know why it was an inappropriate thing to say.

When the racist residents of East Belfast tried to stop a black family moving into a house in their area calling for Homes 4 Locals he said, well I do see their point .... great leadership.

Hey Peter! Loyalists just petrol bombed the home of a Romanian family ..... well I'm sure they had a good reason.

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