Friday, 1 August 2014

Definitely A Jessie

Jesse Ventura, windbag, wrestler and ex governor of Minnesota won his defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle the former Navy SEAL and author of the book 'American sniper.'

Kyle was killed at a Texas gun range last year when he was shot dead by a ex soldier who suffered from PTSD.

The soldier was having a hard time after the war and so Kyle thought he'd take him to a charity event at a gun range to relax and have some fun ..... huh? 

Kyle getting killed didn't stop Ventura from bravely going after him and his money. Ventura probably has issues as he some times pretends to be an ex SEAL but was really just a frogman in the Navy's Underwater Demolition Teams. He says because his training was similar he could call himself a SEAL but the real SEALs think otherwise. 

Just because you hit the mark and said some script doesn't mean you can call yerself an actor either.

Old Knudsen on the other hand is so respected by Navy SEALs that they call him the SEAL-lion, ach a great bunch of lads they are.

Kyle wrote in his book that he decked Ventura at a Callyfornia bar in 2006 after Ventura made offensive comments about SEALs, including that the SEALs "deserve to lose a few" in Iraq.

Kyle had his sworn testimony videotaped but the unpatriotic, Al Qaeda loving jury voted in favour of Ventura who'll get $1.8 million and the passage removed. 

Who do I believe a true American hero like Kyle or a bragging conspiracy theory loving windbag like Ventura? .... tough call.

Maybe I should tell you about my time on the set of the 2004 movie Hard Time (straight to DVD) I was playing thug # 3 (gotta pay me rent) and while we were waiting to do a fight scene, Ventura  made a remark about the Israeli assassination of Hamas leader Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi nicknamed the "Lion of Palestine" and how only fags use helicopters to kill and what a great freedom fighter he was.

Unlike most people I can remember past last week and so have heard of Hamas before all this recent shite.

Well that did it, Old Knudsen beat 7 shades of shite and 3 flavours of ice-cream out of him and rendered him unconscious with slight brain damage. He only has to hear my name mentioned to make him curl up into a fetal position and have him crying like a baby for hours.

Aye, Kyle decked the cunt. 

I was fired from yon movie which is just as well as it conflicted with me schedule, I had to go and be a character witness for me old mucker Saddam as he was being framed by the man. A total hatchet job. 

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