Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chronic Anger Disorder

I don't want to see yer nipples pop out anyway.

I work with a lovely therapist lass on issues such as sex addiction, kleptomania, attachment disorder and anger management. I don't think I'd be so angry if the judge hadn't forced me to get help for problems that really seem like OTHER PEOPLE'S FUCKING FAULT!!!!

So I'm writing about things that have bothered me recently. Chronic Anger Disorder or CAD affects 4/10 people and can result in unfriending and stalking with intent to murder. Stupid people voicing opinions are thought to be one of the main triggers of it. 

1) I'm still banging on about Gaza, yes the loss of life is terrible but blame Hamas ya stupid gits, why you keep ignoring the elephant in the room? Ach it's all a chess game between Hamas and Fatah and it's not like you have the brain power to ken it. Away and protest in a Sainsburys or Tesco, that will help I'm sure.
News reports use a wording that has Israel launches attack on Gaza .... then it mentions it was in retaliation for rockets fired at Israel, they sort of gloss over that bit a little. There are more forces at play than the average reader knows about and so the Russell Brand types will lament over the loss of life without really engaging their brains on what caused it.

I don't cheer for Israel or excuse their actions but I have to support them as the alternative are a people who would behead me for their god .... they can fuck right off. 

2) The antisemitism that has swept the world since July. Some people cannot distinguish between the government of Israel and Jews around the world. This is playing into the hands of radical Muslims and neo-Nazis. There has been an increase in right wing parties in politics, this is known as protest voting as they are really dissatisfied with all other parties so they will gladly vote for bigots who blame the immigrants or anyone else.   
This happens during a recession, the mindless mob sees problems and no solutions, when someone comes along and speaks their thoughts they vote for them which is how Hitler came to power.

It's also how Obama came to power, he promised hope and change at a time when the people needed it, he also brought with him a skin colour that would show America as being "modern" that right there played on America's white man's guilt and it would be racist not to vote for him.

I hate Nazis and I hate that mindset. The Israeli government have employed that mindset against the Palestinians to a point but to attack Jews in Paris or London is down right stupid, like how people attacked Muslims or anyone they thought was Muslim after 9/11.

I won't stand for bigotry or the lack of thinking that goes along with it.   

 Protesters/rioters in Ferguson looking to get shot, and they'll deserve it. 

3) The shooting of Michael Brown. I don't care what colour he is/was he was a petty criminal. Some claim that the CCTV shows him paying for the cigars (I don't see it) but why then ignore him grabbing the store owner, that was not a discussion, that was intimidation.

You don't give his friend Dorian Johnson a TV interview afterwards, you arrest him and question him. What that ghetto hood said was total lies and highly improbable, typical of a criminal trying to cover himself and his friend. Evidence and other eye witnesses back up the police account . This is not a tragic waste of life, why aren't you yapping about the two unarmed white guys shot dead by police in that same week?  We don't have white man's guilt over slavery in the UK it was just a matter of time before the lad got killed on the streets anyway. It's good that it happened before he killed someone.  

He was ghetto trash, just like those who looted stores after his death, just like those who riot in his name and just like the scum in Northern Ireland who parade and riot when they don't get their way. The police in Ferguson are doing something called crowd control, you need tear gas and rubber bullets ..... better than real bullets no? This is what police do.

I'll no likely get called a racist even though I'm not, it's dickheads I'm against no matter their skin colour and Michael Brown and his friend were dickheads. Did he deserve to get shot? well if you attack a cop, then charge at him why yes you do deserve to get shot, death by cop is an American past time.  If I was in that cop's shoes I'd shoot too, of course I'd use less bullets cos I'm cool as Vanilla Ice. 

Steven Sotloff the next American journalist on the beheading list.

4) ISIS killing some folks. I have been sickened by the severed heads, the road side executions, the Yazidi persecution and now an American gets beheaded. The towel heads attack the press because it gets more coverage.
ISIS annoy me because I don't like bullies, I'd love to go toe to toe against these Jahadis and show them that my god (.50 cal Barret M107 ) is the wey.
We went to war over oil and family grudges, lets go to war against cowardly scumbags who think they can murder and do as they please. Stop cutting the armed forces and deploy them instead.

Many think we don't want another war but this one against Islamic fascism would be just and that is what we need. Do the Iraqis want to live under ISIS? C'mon west we fucked up the Middle east more than it already was, we need to go back and at least try to fix it ..... why should ISIS be allowed to sell oil?

 I keep challenging Kate Upton and Christina Hendricks but they don't listen.

5) The Ice bucket challenge, this annoys and amuses me, seeing people like Stephen King, Sarah Palin and George W Bush getting cold water poured over them is funny but like the make up free selfies all of this appeals to vanity and is passive aggressive peer pressure.
You don't want to be named and shamed as the person who didn't do it, Like how Charlie Sheen threw 10 grand over himself instead of ice and challenged his Two and a half men stars and it's producer to do the same .... he has some real hate issues going on there.

What does it say about our society that charities have to provide the MRI machines and the research into illness? It's hard to take some of the larger charities seriously when the CEO is getting a huge salary and other employees are well looked after too, it kinda defeats the purpose.

We're raising money to keep us employed and what's left over will go to research or awareness. Fuck awareness, it's called a blog, Twitter or Facebook and it's free. If you don't know about Cancer or Africa by now you never will .... oh and I forgot about Alzheimer's .... I always forget about ....     

Was suffering from ALS before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. 

Many who take the ice bucket challenge just do it to be one of the cool kids, I doubt they all donate to ALS, but they should cos it's really not a nice way to go being trapped inside a body that no longer moves.
The people who have been going on about wasting water annoy me more than the challenges do, yer wasting oxygen ya tossers, away an protest at yer local golf club, the amount of water wasted on ghey 'play a round with the boys' golf is the kind of waste that dries up towns and lowers the water table, the ice bucket challenge is a drop in the ocean compared to golf .... do the challenge on yer fucking lawn to shut them up.

ALS or Motor neurone disease is one of the over looked charities that we actually need awareness for, the reason why it's overlooked is because only 30,000 in the US have it and only 5,000 in the UK have it ..... no money to be made looking for a cure.

Wouldn't it be nice if governments paid for such research, drugs and equipment? Wouldn't it be nice if charity executives cut back on expenses and bonuses so they could raise more?

Trivialise charity events and appeal to vanity of the donor, the winner with the catchiest idea gets the loot, as simple as that. I only donate to edgy hardly known charities cos I'm hardcore and against the system.  

It's all good fun and for a good cause right? .... no, it's a business.    

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