Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bill Gates Is Rich

 Hear that you African scum, it's yer mistake!

Bill Gates is fucking rich, if you ever watch PBS you'll see that he spreads his wealth around with the Bill and Amanda Gates foundation that is mentioned after several TV shows.
After retiring from Microsoft he could really concentrate on helping poor people .... especially in Africa for some reason, maybe it looks better than say helping poor Hispanic, black or white people in the US.

He likes to raise awareness about Malaria and says that more money put into baldness drugs than malaria. To be bitten by a bald mosquito is a pitiful thing Mr Gates.

In 2009, like some evil genius he released a jar full of mosquitoes while giving a talk about malaria, he claims they weren't infected. They were probably robot mosquitoes programmed to land on those he wanted to spy on .... no, I'm not paranoid, I know that Microsoft works with the NSA in collecting data and that between 2010 - 2013 the NSA had collected 56,000 e-mails from normal Americans with no links to terrorism .... no I'm not paranoid and that is just the e-mails.     

The thing is that it's easy to spread the wealth around when you can give out $160 million and it doesn't even make a dent in yer fortune. It doesn't make him a better person but I'm sure he feels good about himself, if only more rich people gave out their scraps.

The singer Sting told his kids that when he dies his £163 million fortune was going to charities so don't be expecting anything. It's to teach them the value of earning yer own money ... what a cunt. 

When he's 84 and wondering why his kids never visit ...... 

Bill believes in taxing the rich and wouldn't say no to higher taxes, he likes to volunteer that he's paid $6 billion in taxes already. He's not volunteering to pay more though, he's not that stupid.

Mention how Microsoft goes through Puerto Rico to avoid paying more taxes than it does and he gets defensive, then suddenly it's if it's not illegal then it's good but people who don't pay their taxes should go to jail as voluntarily paying higher taxes doesn't count. You should follow what the law states.

He must be on some real good pension scheme which is why he doesn't want to say anything against Microsoft's moral choice to not pay the normal amount of tax that a company like that would pay in the US .... so you believe in higher taxes it in theory, knowing that the government would never dare to tax those who back their elections.  

 $5million a week yacht where Bill like to vacation.

It's easy to be a billionaire philanthropist when you don't have to ask the price of things in a shop and can drop a few million without blinking. 
That $5m could change a person's life for the better in so many ways, I don't mean wasting it on twats who win the lotto and then run out and buy a fast car and 3 houses. I mean people who have had to worry about being evicted and have lived hand to mouth for so long that even having $5million would scare them.   

The odd mosquito net here and there won't save the world but it's enough to ease yer conscience.  

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