Friday, 18 July 2014

Who Funds ISIS?

 Hamas about to fire rockets at the road to peace.

The Holy land has never had peace as far as we know. In fact the whole area is only called the Holy land due to the bomb craters.

Just after the Pope visited the Holy land it looked like peace talks were on the table between Hamas and Israel.

Then 3 Israeli students were kidnapped and all hell broke loose. It had to be Hamas right? 400 Palestinians were arrested during the investigation into the murders and 6 youths were killed in fighting with Israeli troops.
The 3 young men, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar, both aged 16, and 19-year-old Eyal Yifrach were found dead in a pit.

Before the peace of 2012 that Hilary Clinton brokered, Hamas used to fire rockets into Israel on a daily basis, anywhere from 2 - 60 a day.
Now since the 8th July they have started to fire them again. On 9th July over 100 rockets were fired into Israel.
The death toll right now is 190 something Palestinians (according to Hamas) to 0 Israelis, when the lopsided death toll was mentioned, Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev said, "I am not going to apologize that there aren’t Israeli deaths.” Several have been critically wounded though.

All buildings in Israel are built to withstand blasts and the Iron Dome anti-missile system knocks out most missiles before they hit. You have young men honing their skills on their X-boxes constantly saving lives.

The thing is that ISIS has taken responsibility for the killing of the three students and have also been firing rockets into Israel ..... this is a very inconvenient truth as it just complicates things. The US don't like this to be mentioned.

While Hamas are total murdering cunts, they are pussy cats compared to ISIS, which is now called The Islamic state or the terrorist group formerly known as ISIS.  The leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has said that they aren't backing their Palestinian brothers in destroying Israel yet because they have a few more things to do and some of that is weakening the US even more.

He has been busy naming himself the "Caliph", a descendant of Muhammad and of his tribe. He has demanded that all Muslims, everywhere, swear loyalty to him which means their Islamic state is now a caliphate, much like the way the UK is a theocracy. 

While ISIS are well funded and well organised they also have to show that they can hold the territories they have won. Remember that ISIS splintered off from Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda wasn't extreme enough.

ISIS crucified 8 of their own for being too moderate. Yeah man, you ain't been praying hard enough, I'm not feelin it man.
With all the foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq they do have the ability to ship these hardened killing machines back home to inflict serious damage. Another WTC,  London bus bombing or Madrid train bombing is a very big and likely possibility in the future.

ISIS has been in Gaza for at least the past 3 years.

This recent funeral for two ISIS fighters was held in Gaza last week. They are there and they are waiting to take over from Hamas and Fatah who are moderate Islamic extremists in their eyes.

 I was reading about a shop keeper whose customers included the Tallyban and other whacky Islamists, these west hating cunts really like their western imported perfumes and toiletries as well as white y-fronts for some reason. They don't care if you see their sharts, they are real men. They also had all the best phones and cameras.

Islamists are well funded! Hilary Clinton wrote a 2009 memo that Wikileaks uncovered, stating that many groups get funding from within Saudi Arabia, hardly surprising considering that 15/19  of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi.

The Saudi's are mostly a strict form of Sunni and see these extremist groups as a means to destroy their rival the Shia. All very nice until they get hard to control then start talking about killing you next.

ISIS started with a lot of money from somewhere (Saudi Arabia) and now has even more, it's a billion dollar terrorist movement. They have even been selling barrels of oil to Turkish and Iranian businessmen.
They sell them for $25 a barrel, the Saudis haven't sold oil that low since 2003, the price that they are selling oil at is $101 a barrel, whats the chance that they'll start to sell us oil they bought from ISIS?

Ever since 9/11 the price of crude oil has steadily increased from the low price of $19 to $101..... did I mention that 15/19 terrorists were Saudi?        


The Saudi's really hate the Shia, if they could only just get rid of them from the ruling body of Iraq. Soldiers in Iraq have been executing Sunnis in retaliation for all the ISIS executions. It will only end when everyone is dead.
You should really worry about what is going on in Iraq. All those soldiers who died there, all for nothing.

The US has been hesitant to back anti-Assad rebels in Syria. You can't back rebels who are all ISIS and Al Qaeda, so John McCain goes over in 2013 and inspects the US training camp (being hesitant for the sake of looking like doing the right thing) in which they are training Syrian rebels to use anti-tank missiles.

Hey John, those fellows there look kinda like two of the top ISIS guys, they must be cos ISIS is showing the picture around and bragging about it  .... "doh! they all look like Mexicans to me."  

So even though everyone knows that the rebels are mostly Islamic extremists and that Assad is the better option, the US goes and supports the rebels anyway.
Obama is now sending them $500 million, that is coming out of the $5 billion counter-terrorism fund that includes another $1.5 billion for Syria's neighbors, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq to help them to secure their borders and deal with Syrian refugees.

He could be using that money at home to take away guns from rednecks. 

The wars in Iraq, Syria and Palestine are not going to stay there. It is just a matter of time for them to become up front and personal yet again. Paying Peter to kill Paul isn't working cos Peter is either a terrorist or a coward. 

These aren't just wars and the best we can hope for is to hold them back but with the minimum of effort and a lack of will to win means we will die unexpectedly on some lovely sunny day.

Who is funding ISIS? Saudi and the US tax payer provide money, training and support, the US (and it's lap dog nations) and Israel also provide the hatred to inspire more war.

I'm quite clear on who the enemy are and that's Islamic extremists, not Muslim people, I'm talking about all these terrorist groups and their supporters. I'm under no illusion that our side can get just as nasty as I've been on our side but you have to win because they want to as well.  Unless we get out of the oil business then Saudi will always call the shots, literally.


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