Friday, 11 July 2014

Unlawful Entry Without Lube

Dirty cops: In Indiana they have a law that says you can shoot anyone who unlawfully enters yer property. I'm all for that as people have no right to be in yer home at 2am unless yer fucking them or have them duct tapped and lying on the floor.
This also applies to cops who enter without permission. You'll get people trying to worm their way out of going to jail for drugs or something when they shoot a cop in their hoose, "Oh I didn't hear him say he had a warrant"

In Old Knudsen's humble opinion, everyone should have firearms. In the UK you aren't allowed them and the number of homicides has decreased drastically as some spide with gun courage is more likely to bust a cap in yer ass than stand up to you face to face.

It's a shame that gun lovers such as myself are not able to own them without joining a gun club, having police officers and other solid members of the community vouching for you or having the permission of a land owner who has agreed that you can shoot on his land. The problem with being one of the few with a gun is that Loyalist wankers are bound to hear about it sooner or later and yer house will be targeted for a robbery until they get the guns.

 It's sad that I can only have my baby here if she's deactivated.

The simple matter is that some people just need a good double tap. That includes people skulking about yer hoose.
A cop in yer hoose when he isn't supposed to be is scary as many psychos have badges and guns, their word will be taken over yers 9/10 times. These dirty cops are a blight on all the good ones as are those in the military who kill civilians just because they can. You should do it because it's fun not because you can.

The police and military are institutions that require you to be honest and to have honour, those who abuse their power are those in need of a double tap ..... When you clear a room you fire two rounds at close grouping to ensure the cunt goes doon, put one in their head to make sure they are dead and that they don't turn into a zombie and get ya to be extra sure.   
Don't forget the sneak and peak laws from the Patriot act that Bush signed into being that lets US law enforcers get a warrant, but they don't tell the people about it and can break in and snoop about as many times as they want and then tell the people months afterwards when they have enough proof to convict them.  That right there is a lawful breaking and entering.
Israeli children as the missile warning sounds, things you won't see on the BBC.

Palestinians: Hamas fired some rockets into Israel, then Israel fired twice as many back and actually killed people. Oh boo hoo those mean nasty Israelis ..... what about Hamas who gave them the reason to retaliate?
 Terrorist scum often use children and civilians as shields or as martyrs.  

Hamas have been firing rockets every 10 minutes which means they fire, move, fire, move etc to ensure that they are safe but the civilian casualties from the expected retaliation are varied and substantial.   

Old Knudsen is no fan of Israel, nor does he like Palestine. Hamas are trying to fulfill the purpose of the Palestinians. After the defeat of the Arab nations in the 6 day war the Palestinians were left behind to be slaughtered. They call it being martyred.... That was their purpose.

Yes the people of Palestine are being killed but before you blame Israel go blame Hamas. Don't listen to the BBC, they only tell the story of Palestinian children being killed in yet another brutal Israeli attack. If Hamas didn't keep firing missiles from civilian areas then you wouldn't get civilian dead on the news all the time.

To quote the Untouchables:
"Because they're not gonna give up the fight, until one of you is dead. ... He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue."

Hamas wants to destroy Israel and attempt to do so every fucking day. These Hamas terrorists probably came from elsewhere and are Saudi and Iranian funded but they have a job and that's to keep pushing Israel until it snaps. 

Old Knudsen doesn't like Israel as its reason to exist was to hold the Holy land until Jesus returned. He did return and a rocket from Gaza landed on him. How many more people have to die for this fairy story? Does it make sense that a place called the Holy land has never known peace? All hail Ares or Mars cos that is who we are worshiping there.

I and the rest of the West have to back Israel as it's there and that's that. Like the people of Northern Ireland, there is no Brits out crap, there is no giving America back to the injuns, there is no going back in time so support Israel or support ragheads who want to behead you for Allah ... great choice.  

Suck it the fuck up and get over it unless yer a time traveler. The problem is here and now, FIX IT. 

Both sides have fair enough reason to hate each other. Just look at these little west haters in the making. They are learning about Israeli crimes such as taking their homes and not letting refugees return once the fighting is done.  14th May is Israeli Independence day and the Arabs curse it and teach their kids to do the same ..

Hate being passed down from generation to generation ..... sounds very familiar for some reason. 

Learn from Krav Maga, you put the enemy down and get away. If you can't get away then fight to win.

I got called a name and unfriended on Facebook because I don't like the terrorist group Hamas, it was from a Northern Ireland person so no big deal. Considering one enlightened Norn Iron person unfriended me for making one Ballymena sheep shagger comment too many it shows you just how touchy and sulky they are.
I also don't like the IRA, UVF, UDA, EDL, UKIP, Fatah, Boko Harem, Al Qaeda, ISIS and Che Guevara was a murdering cunt not a t-shirt hero ..... if you have a problem with that then go get some help cos I don't give a fuck.  

Speaking of touchy...

A dignified walk through Ardoyne.

Orangemen: The Belfast Telegraph asked 18 Orangemen why they belong to the Orange Order and what about not being allowed to march through places mainly populated by Catholics.

Most tend to go on about 'It's a Christian organisation, cultural reasons and family tradition'  the same that any KKK member might say. 'we'll we're Christians, being white and hanging negros is what ma daddy did and his daddy did and so we do it.'  

They get the whole, we're upstanding Christians crap out and when asked about not being allowed to parade past the shops at Adoyne in Belfast it's. We're disgusted, why won't they show some tolerance for our civil rights? This parade has been taking place for 100 years and only takes 6 minutes to walk, we don't like road blocks and protests but if the order is given .... 

The ruling is that the morning parade in Adoyne is allowed but not the return parade in the afternoon.

The parade in the morning is a nice peaceful going to church. While they pray for eternal smugness and maybe a child or two to molest, their followers are outside drinking.

The return parade is not so peaceful. With their Dutch courage the Christian Orangemen and their followers rage at anything Catholic. The Orange Order cannot control them but they can stir up shit by not showing leadership or by not setting a good Christian example.

I don't care what the Orangemen say to the paper, they are bigoted sectarian bullies and many of their members are paramilitaries so away an fuck with yer traditions and Christian values. You ask for tolerance and respect yet you don't give or show any to yon Fenian cocksuckers whose homes and churches you parade past.

Why do people in Northern Ireland think that being Christian means that you have to be a total cunt?

Does it say in the Bible interfere with other people's shit and if you don't like what they do condemn them and fight against them?

I remember something about some teenager in the Bible shrugging and rolling their eyes and saying, "I'm not my brothers keeper, it's not fair" maybe I should read the Bible again .... no, I think I'll just put 23 syringe needles into my eyeballs instead. If I wanted to overdose on stupid I'd start a conversation with a local. 

Just a few things that have annoyed Old Knudsen this week.


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