Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tunnel Trouble

A Hamas soldier dragging a bag of poison they use on Israeli troops ..... possibly. 

Too much attention is being paid to Gaza, are TV shows like Dancing with has been stars or I'm a retard, get me outta here on a break or something? ISIS have more cities under their control than the Iraqi government do, anyone else notice this? 

Then there was the suicide car bombings that killed 26 people in Iraq on Tuesday and 21 on Wednesday .... did Facebook go mad with indignation? were the kitten pictures put on hold? No one cares.

Former soccer player Gazza gets $47 million in US aid by mistake.

The Palestinian people are being attacked in their own homeland .... Arabs are fucking nomads, ya can't just go around claiming every little bit of sand. The history of the world says that whoever can keep the land does so. A few popular examples: America, Australia, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland itself ... where do you think the Irish came from? Even the people who first settled in Scotland were taken over by assimilation which is the passive aggressive form of invasion. 

The ancient world both feared and respected military might, they called King Alfred and Alexander "Great" for their ability to have lots of people killed for their agendas.

Have we really moved on? Nah, not really and we've got this level of smugness going on too which isn't really very attractive. We care about what the media shows us and fire up the old hashtags in response to some great injustice but we never lose a night of sleep nor does it put us off our dinner. 

I remember during the whole Ethiopian famine thing that having yer dinner to images of starving Marvin was quite common. "oh look at those flies round that dying child's mouth, hmmm potatoes turned out well." Luckily there isn't a famine there today. Ethiopia is 123 out of 125 worst fed countries in the world. Yeah there is drought and famine, you just don't hear about it. No one cares.      

The tunnels under Gaza.

The people on Facebook can't get enough of Gaza, they love that shit. American users don't see it as much because of the whole everyone supports Israel as it's a key ally thing.

I'm amazed by the tunnel system under Gaza. Hundreds of tunnels to Egypt and Israel to smuggle in food, weapons and people. Hamas have their own bunkers and use the tunnels the same way the Viet Cong did, they like to pop up behind the enemy to capture Israeli troops and torture them, hey they do shit like that, they strapped bombs onto children for fucks sake, not nice people. 

Like Vietnam, besides the tunnel system used in warfare you don't know who'll be the enemy. Does that 14 year-old have a bomb strapped to them? Will that mother surrounded by kids pull out a gun? ... it happens. Hamas have threatened to unleash attacks across Israel, they say their people will pop up and randomly stab Israelis .... no wonder FB users are glued to this conflict. Fuck day time television, this shit is awesome .... er I mean it's terrible, can't stand the suffering, oh must share this decapitated child it will show people that I care.

This will hurt a little bit and by that I mean a lot, I hope. 

I like to see dead bodies and stabbing victims as much as the next person but the media is telling us that we should be more interested in the airliner that was shot doon. Yeah yeah yeah, 298 people dead, whatever. I see a Taiwanese plane made a crash landing killing around 50, I can imagine Gaza lovers going, 'oh crap, now I'll have to click on links to find out what is happening in Gaza, FML.'

This fascination for Gaza is a little worrying, it's one of those things that if you point out any of the history of the situation then yer a hater or worse .... a Jew lover!!!!!!

Here is what happened at a pro-Palestinian rally in Paris, they destroyed Jewish run businesses and chanted to gas the Jews.
Ya know what will not get you sympathy for the attacks on Gaza?

Angry Muslims are nothing new, it's as if they don't like getting bombed or something. Don't they know that chanting gas the Jews is totally taboo, that's like implying that black people are lazy, just not done. Away an burn some flags or mutilate some female genitals or something. 

You can't have angry pro-Palestine people without having Hamas.  Gerry Adams has no problems with Hamas and will visit the Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Egypt no problem .... wha? the leader of Palestine isn't even in Palestine? nope, not even the #2.  They rule in exile telling their minions to kill Israelis and die no matter what.

I have a problem getting behind anything that Adams is for. I hope he's giving tips on how to not let shit stick to you.
Not that anyone remembers all the 15 year-old brain washed suicide bombers that Hamas sent to Israel that killed over 300 people over the years.

Adams says that "when people are challenged to go to the ballot box" he ignores how Hitler came to power through the ballot box as that doesn't suit him, he's trying to appear to be a figure of peace rather than an ex-IRA leader who shelters pedos. So if people vote for terrorists like Hamas or Fatah then they are terrorist supporters? .... that's what Adams is saying. 

I don't really like to brand everyone as terrorists, conservatives or democrats because of who cheated to get into power but hey, sure thing Gerry, kill them all and fuck peace cos that is what terrorists deserve.

Abu Marzouk , Hama's number 2 has said that he hopes that Israel occupies Gaza.... uh? He says this because than that means that Fatah isn't in charge and Hamas can stop with the day to day problems of looking after civilians and can concentrate on killing Israelis.

He lives a comfortable life in Cairo not exactly worrying about Gaza's infrastructure and Israel provide Gaza with electricity and clean water anyway and unlike Fatah are accountable to international law, imagine not wanting to be run by a terrorist organisation.    

This post isn't about stupid hypocrites that don't live in the real world, nor is it about scumbag terrorists, it's about tunnels.

Did you know that over 1,000 people live in the tunnel system under Las Vegas? The tunnels are for flood prevention. Aye Las Vegas is out in the desert but they can still get floods there because it might not rain for months but when it does it's all at once.
Some of these people have jobs or are vets with PTSD or others with substance abuse problems. One of the richest cuntries in the world who gives $3 billion every year to Israel can't look after it's own people, then again I doubt these people tried to get help.
If the junkies don't want to change then they can't get help, charities do help them but don't want them getting too comfortable.

Doon Mexico way they love their tunnels too, to smuggle drugs, guns and people into and out of the U.S. there has been lots of fierce debate about the border because the U.S. are not winning .... you'd think that Americans would be used to that.
Of course the border is vast so tunnels are not needed if you want to cross over undetected.

Over the years Ranchers have been finding things on their ranches that illegal immigrants sneaking across the border have dropped, these include Korans and Pakistani/English translation books, not just yer usual dropped burrito or bottle of Tequila that I'm sure all Mexicans carry.

Americans should be less worried about deporting hard working people in search of a better life and focus on those who mean them harm. I don't give a shit if Americans all full of indignant outrage go on about how these people have broke the law etc etc, Americans are notorious for thinking outside the system and take laws as guidelines so fuck off.

So much to fix and so much injustice and suffering that gets ignored so it's difficult for Old Knudsen to take those who suddenly pop up with a social conscience about something they know knowing about seriously.

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