Thursday, 17 July 2014

Trendy Activists Know Best

Palestinian children are almost white and have big beautiful brown eyes, no wonder that many in the western world have become so emotional invested when they are killed. Maybe it's the news coverage, the people who watch it can't get angry until they see cute children lying mangled in the street. 

This report contains graphic images .... their eyes light up as they eat their dinner anticipating the obligatory feeling of outrage they must have.  

No one got all bent out of shape when ISIS in Syria detonated a car bomb in January that killed 33 people - all women and children. Or the 100 men from the Free Syrian army or anyone they thought might be connected with it that they executed.

Or the 12 women and children, including a two-year-old, were found slaughtered in their house when ISIS didn't find the men there so they massacred the family in their absence.

No one gave a shit!
So you see, I have a problem with the people who rant on about Gaza and the slaughter and conveniently forget to blame Hamas.
Yes there is a humanitarian problem in Gaza, caused by Fatah and now Hamas, that is what happens when you have terrorist groups in charge. These groups pretend to look out for the people's needs while at the same time have no problem in killing them to achieve their cause .... the destruction of Israel. 

If yer little brain can't comprehend Middle east politics and what has happened to get to this point then think of Hamas as the IRA who look out for their people yet do not hesitate in blowing up or shooting their own for their cause of a united Ireland.  

It sounds stupid to kill your own for your cause but these people are not rational.    

I do get sick of these trendy activists who will rant for a cause but form a mental block and refuse to see the murder and destruction that these people who are freedom fighters rather than terrorists in their mind commit. 
In Northern Ireland the various groups are divided up between the Catholics and Protestants which is totally stupid but that's my people, so tribal. 

The Protestants have taken Israel even though the terrorists who founded Israel were killing and abducting British soldiers in the late 1940's and the Catholics have taken Palestine. They like an oppressed people and can sympathize with having their land taken I suppose, doubt these ties are more emotional than logic based.

Do they now support Al Qaeda or ISIS? They are fighting off a foreign invader. 

All these trendy activists will be onto some other cause with a slogan or a t-shirt next week after they get all their Facebook memes out.  

This was the moment when the world media lost interest in bringing back our girls and the trendy activists went back to their makeup free selfies for hurt puppies. 

You mean the girls aren't young and cute? Even the Nigerian government doesn't care. That creepy lass with the uni-brow who was shot in the head by the Tallyban,  Malala Yousafzai was there giving her support. Did anyone notice?  

Why can't the girls look like this? We could have t-shirts and fixate on a couple of really cute ones. They could be the Nigerian version of Madeline McCann.  

This is the truth but no one likes to hear that, they like to think that they are the good guys who care more than anyone else and Gog forbid you say anything except support for Gaza.

Well Israel stopped firing but Hamas refused to ceasefire, the fight is back on and Israel is actively trying to avoid killing civilians as they can see that doesn't look good to the world.
Hamas' demands are more important than the cute little dead children it seems as they continue to fire missiles from civilian areas.
There are no good guy in this conflict but you don't have to be so fucking retarded as to just ignore the actions of terrorists.
Apply pressure if it makes you feel better but don't go inadvertently supporting terrorists while you condemn death from above.  

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