Monday, 28 July 2014

The World Is Depressed

During the great depression people caught anxiety and sullenation from infected French sailors. 

I've been thinking about the problems around the world and many of the problems stem from the inability to move on from the past. People want things like justice for events like murders but to open up 30 year-old cases means accusing people in the present who may now be top politicians and that just rocks the boat. Justice is overrated so get with the program. 

Nelson Mandela's shit didn't stink and everyone loved him but no one kept bringing his terrorist past. Even Che Guevara has followers today who weren't even born when he was dispensing his own brand of slaughter in Cuban prisons. The Dalai Lama is seen as a peaceful cheerful looking chap rather than a pampered cunt who misses his Tibetan slaves and who had Nazis as friends. Brad Pitt's character wasn't just a German mountain climber.

 I've always suspected him of being mildly retarded, always too happy for my liking.

Sure a top Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka has just said that the Lama has been influenced by Islamist extremists and that he isn't a real Buddhist leader as he doesn't want to visit Sri Lanka in case he upsets China but who is going to hear about a story like that with Gaza going on and planes constantly falling from the skies? 

So Old Knudsen who is an experienced healthcare expert has cum up with a solution to world peace with using what depressed people get told. 

It's in the past and you can't change the past, acknowledge yer feelings then let it go. You can only effect the present and the future so move the fuck on. 

See? as simple as that. You may still feel the hurt and the pain so grow a pair and move on, no one cares. Yer holding up the line. 

 Click on it if you want, no one cares about yer depression cos you depress them. 

Do you yammer on about sleights done to yer people 40, 50 or 100 years ago?  Do you have seething hatred for people you don't even know?  Did you have to be taught why so and so are cunts from yer parents?  Do you wave flags and complain about things that you don't have a clue about?  Do you use events from hundreds of years ago ... a time in which you or yer parents or grandparents weren't even born to piss off others while pretending to celebrate this thing which you had no hand in?

Well then yer a dickhead, time to move on as you've wasted enough of the world's time, resources and energy on this and why the fuck were you not sterilised to prevent mini yous? 

Education and healthcare was wasted on you, yer opinions are swayed by issues that blind you and you can't learn from the past. Yer as self-aware as a nutty turd. Yer idea of living in a society is to cause trouble and to bring forth the hates of the past and put it onto those in the present. It isn't all about you!

So where do I pick up me Nobel peace prize from or am I not cuntish enough to have won one?  I can't pick it up this weekend as I'm manning the suicide hotline again. I've never had a repeat caller so I must be good.


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