Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Ramones Were Crap

Tommy Ramone, the last of the punky pop band from the 70's The Ramones has died.  The group was never commercially successful which is probably why so many posers say they were influenced by them. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eddie Vedder, Metallica, U2, Green Day, the Pretenders and Tom Waits ..... fucking posers. Maybe Green Day is the one most like The Ramones the others just use the group to appear cool. 

Bruce Springsteen wrote Hungry heart for them but decided to keep it for himself which explains why it doesn't sound or seem like a Springsteen song. 

I liked their edgy work as used in a diet Pepsi commercial, ya know the song, hey ho lets go! They only had two songs for fucks sake, that one and the one about being sedated. No one has heard their other ones and who cares? Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School ..... oh whatever.    
Everywhere I look I see some wide bodied fan wearing a Ramones t-shirt, wow there are lots of fans out there ..... or Tesco had them on sale.
Even children wearing them, what next the Dead Kennedy's too drunk to fuck t-shirts? I can just imagine the little darlings singing 'Beat on the brat with a baseball bat' as they wear their Ramones t-shirt with pride. Then there is the one where the KKK took their baby away and they don't know where she is. Said she's going to L.A. but she never got there ....

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