Monday, 28 July 2014

Suicide Bomber Bigotry

Police in Oxford ..... England have apologised to a man who was stopped by armed police as he jogged doon the Southfield Road, East Oxford.

The man 23 year-old man Abu Shalulu was wearing an exercise vest with weights inside for added resistence when he was mistaken for a Hamas suicide bomber.

"This is racism init?" said Mr Shalulu "I was wearing my vest, like the one Prince Harry wears when he workouts and the Zionist pig squad assumed I was a terrorist because I'm not white and blonde ."  

"The mask is so I don't breath in the car pollution and the head band is to keep the sweat out of my eyes, I don't know what it says, probably something like 'just do it'  I'm very surprised they didn't just shoot me dead and drag my body through the streets."

Mr Shalulu a religious studies student had just returned from a 3 week holiday in Lebanon is considering making a complaint to the police Ombudsman for racial profiling.

The Thames Valley Police have assured him they will be more considerate now they know the circumstances and will inform other officers not to stop him on his run past the army barracks,  synagogue and out to a rural landing strip where he is taking flying lessons.  

The man in the street says. 

Terry, an average person says, "The slaughter in Gaza is so terrible that I made a montage of dead children pics posted on Facebook as my screen saver, don't ask me about this story I only watch the news for Gaza, in between my soaps."   

When asked about Hamas he wasn't sure what it was.  

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