Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sitting On The Offence

I saw this 1 shot 2 kills t-shirt on a facebook post that was anti-Israel. This shirt is old news as that story broke in 2009, but put a picture of a dead baby beside it and hey it's relevant cos antisemitism is the new hate.
The shirt on the right says, "The smaller the target the harder to hit"  and has what we'd assume to be a Palestinian boy in the sights of a rifle. These are offensive! Israel condemned the 1 shot 2 kills shirt when the story happened, just some lugheads in the IDF who probably don't like Arabs, they were not official and did not speak for Israel.

You get that type in every military around the world and in every walk of civilian life, glued to their Fox news and complaining about immigrants. I think the medical term for these people of profound mental retardation is Fuckwit .

Those two shirts did however have the pregnant woman and the young boy holding a weapon which marks them as enemy combatants so fire away, they would shoot you given the chance. The Congo is famous for child soldiers, many do indeed grow up to become adult soldiers. Weemen can be soldiers, if they like having sex they may get pregnant. Not the unborn child's fault that it's mother is a Fuckwit, just one of the many innocent lives lost to war.

Being a fuckwit is pretty common these days, maybe it's a trend like those low riders jeans were. They didn't look good on anyone but everyone wore and still wears them ..... except Old Knudsen, my waist band comes up to an inch below my useless man nipples, it used to be 8 inches but gravity changed that.

Wearing an offensive t-shirt is very telling. A t-shirt with Iron man on it means you like Iron man, the character, the movies, the comics and possibility have a crush on Robert Downey Jr but who doesn't? it's the big brown puppy dog eyes, but a t-shirt with I heart Hamas doesn't mean you like Hamas, it means yer a terrorist supporting cock sucking child bombing sky fairy believing coward of an ass wipe, yes, it says all that about you.

Still, most just say yer a Fuckwit.  How you like Romney and Ryan now you white trash racist loser?Just wait till Hilary gets in and you can be a misogynist too.

I'm all for expressing yerself with a hilarious shirt or interesting picture that you may have just liked but sometimes there is just going too far. This cunt with the 9/11 shirt needs some real and sudden violence in his life to enjoy the 9/11 experience a little more, such as in me punching the head off him, don't worry, to show you it isn't a racist thing I'd make sure to do it while wearing blackface.
The award for fucking up the 21st century goes to Osama Bin Laden, killing him once wasn't enough punishment for 9/11 and two terms of that Bush idiot who really fucked things up even more.

So I was pretty pleased when the CIA turned him into a zombie and allowed people fire a few shots into him for their emotional closure. The head was not allowed as a target, soon that was all that was left of poor Osama. I think it's still in a box in the Area 51 secret base in Nevada, they feed it bacon and force it to listen to Gareth Brooks, right bastards huh.

Is it any wonder that everyone in the world is so angry or attempting to not be? I do envy the people who can watch and get excited by soaps and the various reality shows without feeling dumbed doon and dirty afterwards. They seem happy with their lack of opinions and general knowledge.  The know that they like or dislike things but can't articulate why. It's usually cos they heard someone else doing it.

Old Knudsen is offended by stupidity more than almost anything else. Shirts designed to evoke an angry or upsetting reaction, not taking the bait. However, posting pictures of the dead to stir up support, when did we get so disrespectful and blasé of the dead that we post it on social media, especially dead women and children?  
If it was members of yer family would you post the pics? 


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