Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sexy Art


Today instead of gratuitous adult nakedness in protest against Christians Muslims and Jews who support child abuse as a part of their religious beliefs I thought I'd give you art instead. Here is Milo Moiré, a lass from .... I dunno somewhere foreign who gets onto trains arse naked except for some fuck me pumps, a hand bag and a pair of hipster glasses.
Just because she walks about like this doesn't mean that she is asking for it ... it's art. Just like the time she plopped out paint balls from her minge. I have one of her vadge explosions up on my wall, she could have at least removed the pubes.
   I believe Old Knudsen has mentioned his big man sized like of tits hanging doon ... definitely art.
You untrained plebs just see a naked chick but Old Knudsen sees the emotion that screams out like a lass whose minge is getting waxed. 
Art means not smiling but instead just ..... being.
Also it said it was art on the porn site I got it off. 
What an enigmatic expression, only she knows why she painted her toenails and not her fingernails. 
This one is saying, "help I'm retarded and haven't eaten in weeks" only a fellow artist can see the layers of subliminal artistic angst. No offense to any retards reading, at least I didn't say Spaz.
Ryan Gosling makes my stench trench weep with joy yet I remain dry and sullen. 
I don't know art but I like what I don't know, what is she about to shrug and say? 


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