Monday, 7 July 2014

Saving The World For Pay

I don't like to be called a hero, it just isn't me. Sure I may save countless people a day including orphans and puppies (kittens can go fuck themselves) and I put meself at risk of injury or death but there is always some other reason I do it than just being the 'right thing' to do.

Good karma takes its own sweet time in my always right and very humble opinion and if I'm climbing the walls waiting for money in me bank account to clear what do ya think I'm like waiting for something nice to just turn up?

Old Knudsen was very busy last week, there maybe be various stories about what he was doing such as a stint in rehab, a week in custody for hate crimes, a drink and drugs bender or fighting for stability in the Middle east.
I try to keep ya all guessing and so tell different people different things .... sorry but according to my therapist, being a pathological liar is a part of my illness and so not my fault.

This is no werd of a lie, I finished my long awaited book (or buk in Ulster/Scots) the Ulster/Scats language is an ancient tongue as spoken by Jesus H Christ himself, this gets explained in the book and how John the Baptist was beheaded just to shut him the fuck up.

Buy my book and see how you've been using grammar totally wrong for years, thanks to those invading Saxon and Latin cunts. Here is a living day example of Ulster/Scats in use, "Hey mister! gat any wud fur da boney?"  while this may sound like some kind of sexual proposition , wood and boney means arson not in arse.  

During the week:

The fighting in Karbala was intense as was the heat, the gravy was pouring off me, senses on a permanent heightened state of awareness which those who have not grown up in cuntries engaged in civil war would find exhausting but to us Norn Iron people it's second nature .... being a suspicious paranoid fucker does cum in handy at times.
The dust gets to Old Knudsen, kicked up dirt and crumbling rumble means when you blow yer nose a Lbs of dust comes out. The more powerful AK-47's as used by our "allies" constantly pop yer ears and you hear that constant note of a tone which means you've lost some hearing. Those boys love to fire their guns, even if there isn't a target visible, it makes them feel useful.

It's a recession on so ya have to go where the werk is. Old Knudsen is merely an adviser. Don't get caught up in thinking about the past, unless yer a time traveler you can't change things, forgive yerself, eat smaller light meals and always keep on the move. Saddam was in a great place mentally right up until the time they hanged him during a show trial and I like to think that some of my advice stuck.    

So any way you have yon ISIS who are the Islamic fundamentalist boogeymen and then you have the Iraqi government who have been happy to use the US to destroy their enemies but really just want to set up what Saddam had but with them instead.

Nouri al-Maliki (centre) is the Prime Minister of Iraq and doesn't let things like losing elections get in the way of staying in power. Notice John Kerry (the tall American) holding his arm at the minute of this photo to suggest that the US calls the shots.
US politicians do subliminal shit like this all the time like how they walk out on stage waving and then point to someone in the crowd as if they know someone, aye dead on. In the UK politicians go and have a pint of beer to make you think they are one of the people. Is it bad that the UK focus so much on alcohol to show what is normal?

 Vote for me, I'm a racist nazi pisshead with no real policies that help the British people.

I suppose the average Brit is a bit of a racist alcoholic. 

Maliki or Abu Isra to his friends is a Shite Muslim, he worked against Saddam for years, often going to Iran or Syria for help so not very good when the Iraqis were using US made weapons against it's enemies in the 1980's but we don't want to talk about that, or the military advisers that were sent in ... we've sure learned our lesson there and would never repeat that.   

He was the best man at the time for the job to lead Iraq as it was really the Americans leading Iraq but instead of uniting his people he went after any potential opposition and used the US to help him.  Hey, just so you know, I'm leading an attack on my enemies base, if you don't help me I'll lose and you'll fuck up Iraq even more .... ok then, where do you want the airstrikes? 

Now you have the crazy as fuck ISIS, a Shite led government allowing the persecution of the Sunnys and other happy sounding sects and who is pushing and prodding things along? .... why Iran of course. They recently said how they would like to openly discuss Iraq, very bold huh?

Iran has the opportunity to make Iraq into an Iranian friendly ally and to kick the US forces out completely because the Yanks will come in and destroy everything then leave but Iran will always be there.
You see stupid memes about how troops have to stay in Afghanistan to protect the opium poppies but in reality troops will always have to stay in Afghanistan and Iraq or someone else will just move in. When there is a full US withdrawal then that means the war has been lost.   

Maliki has to go but the US don't want to have to start from scratch with another puppet. That is Old Knudsen's assessment of the situation  as given to John Kerry.
I don't think that he values his job nor has much interest in it, the last time I heard he was setting up Operation long weekend in which he'd invite all the various groups to a BBQ and have a few beers and a sing song while they all sat on the grass.
When Hilary was Secretary of state there was no ISIS taking over half of Iraq, they knew they couldn't get away with that shit. She was all Cersei Lannister and still found time to have a cult following dedicated to her texting and her use of a scrunchie, Kerry just looks like a boring George Washington man/horse. 

Hilary is the kind of lass whom you'll fuck ... er make love too but you'll go in not knowing if you'll cum out alive, she's like a praying mantis or a black widow. She said to me once, "If it wasn't for your ability to give me multiple orgasms I'd have you killed and your head put out on a spike outside on the White house lawn."   

Ach if I had a penny for every time someone said that to me.   
I don't have a clue I just say shit like, "War can be a tool of peace" .... what the fuck does that mean? I sure as Hell don't know .... stock up on Heinz baked beans, you just never know when I'll start WWIII.   

Famous American singer Justin Bieber (no way is he Canadian) and firm fav Kanye West were slated to perform at the love in BBQ. As Kerry says, "If you can't sort out your difficulties over a beer, some ribs and free hugs then what hope is there?"

Ach ya go to Vietnam and come back a peace loving hippy, obviously he just doesn't know how to have fun. The miserable looking fucker


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