Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Russian Police Women

Russia doesn't like the gheys, now it doesn't like sexy female cops. Deputy Interior Minister Sergei (sir ghey more like) Gerasimov has banned all customisation of police uniforms due to some misplaced view that cops shouldn't look like strippers.
Do the Russians like anyone? Sting had a song about how they love their children but I wouldn't count on it.
Just before they evacuated Chernobyl they had a children's parade to show it was safe. This was later known as the parade of death. Aye they love their kids.   

Being arrested is not a very pleasant ordeal (so I'm told) so a police chick with legs all the way up to her arse is a nice way to make it more pleasant. I'm not sure if I could take a plain Jane wearing troosers very seriously.
You have the right to remain sexy, yer gunties may be taken doon as evidence. 

It's like the light of beauty and justice has been extinguished.

Which now makes Chile my # 1 cuntry to be arrested in. They all look like the chicks from a Robert Palmer video. You might as well face it yer addicted to law and order.

Conspiracy theory # 453, the movie A good day to diehard and do the gardening has a Russian security guard with the letter OMOH on his back, reverse that and you have HOMO, are the movie makers making subliminal statements to make you hate Russians?

Do you need subliminal messages in order to hate Russians or does it cum naturally to Americans?

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