Monday, 14 July 2014

Non-Stop Stupid

Liam Neeson is probably the best export that Northern Ireland has ever had. Unlike the Titanic he hasn't sunk (to be fair it was an Englishman driving it) and unlike our sports stars like George Best and Hurricane Higgins he didn't end up a junkie alcoholic that shone for 15 minutes before ruining everything.
I'd mention Rory McIlroy but his success is still to be seen, anyone can have a few good golf games and then just fail .... eh Tiger?

Neeson seems to be a nice fella, he hasn't been found to be a rapist or pedo yet and the poor man lost his wife so we're inclined to like him. Though like every other successful person here he did fuck off to live elsewhere but he has returned and now promotes Northern Ireland as a tourist destination, "Northern Ireland, come visit on your way to somewhere nice."  

I think he has come to realise that he isn't the world's greatest of actors and even though he's getting on a bit they'll still pay him a shitload to star in films. The movie roles he chooses seem to be tough action roles that don't require too much thinking from the audience.

Most of his movies now look like they are a part of the Taken franchise. Look frantic on the phone and then some close quarter fighting before almost emotionally falling apart but not quite because his acting range doesn't cover full retard.  

I just watched Non-stop, if Taken 1,2 and 3 are yer kind of movie then watch this. It is also similar to his flick Unknown in which you have to figure out who the enemy is. Old Knudsen likes and dislikes this kind of film because of me natural paranoia I'm shouting at the telly accusing everyone. I guessed wrong but I wasn't really trying .... I was distracted by his powerful performance eerily similar to all his others.  

The usually iconic imagery of the slow-mo shoot out is used.

An alcoholic paranoid man from Northern Ireland gets onto a plane .....  that's enough about me. Liam Neeson gets on too, he's an alcoholic Air Marshal born in Belfast. So far it's believable, just ignore the fact that he's 62. They always die the hair of the older leading men like Perice Brosnan and Roger Moore to make them look, not younger but like old men with died hair.     

Some one sends him texts saying they will kill people on board unless money gets put into their account.
Neeson's character Bill is grieving the loss of his daughter who died from leukemia, he's drinking too much and doesn't give a fuck. He's the perfect patsy to blame an air hi-jack on. I lost count of how many times he was relieved of duty from a superior on the ground but this is Liam fucking Neeson, he'll smoke in the plane's toilet and he'll duct tape who the fuck he wants to.    

While he's trying to control the situation in the plane and find the bad guy or girls, Fox news like channels are making him out to be a psycho nut job, even complaining that he isn't US born but is allowed to have a gun and badge on a plane .... He's from Northern Ireland, he might even be in the IRA says one.

Except the IRA don't have the balls for such a thing, they hide in the shadows and try to blow people up while at a safe distance. Stoopid America panic news.... oh and Obama wants yer guns and to give illegal immigrants benefits and citizenship, especially Muslims . 

Why did I do a post about Liam Neeson? because I'm trying to cope with a lot of stupid online. I can't even go onto Facebook without having my daily dose of stupid givin to me within the first 5 minutes.

Do these people who talk about revolution just like Timothy McVeigh and the Vegas shooters did really need to have guns? Why can't the Fox news Duck dynasty loving morons see that their ideals are shared by scumbag murderers?

People who agree with Sheriff Joe Arpaio .... AND IN CAPS TOO! Have to have mental illness issues, they also no doubt think that Donald Trump is a sane intelligent person too. Yes lets listen to one of the most self entitled racist bigots there are, I bet he knows what he's talking about.

The Mexican border is a fucking war zone that makes Afghanistan look like a holiday in the sun. The military and the police are too shit scared to go near it. Who would clean up the mess they'd make in their shorts?

"It's easier to hate people for what they are than actually address and fix the problems in life."  ~ Old Knudsen.
Yes the Israelis are killing innocent people quit yer crying, I don't see you so outraged at the hundred other atrocities happening this week. People ignoring education and healthcare needs but focusing on the 2nd amendment, immigrants, parading or idiot soccer .... oh look a video on animal torture, I'll never eat chicken ever again but if I LIKE this status update I can stop child soldiers in Africa.

Did we ever bring our gurls home? oh that's right, everyone lost interest.  

 David Icke's name in the corner should clue you into the crazy.

This is one of the latest that I hate. An F-35 costs $122 million, $98 million for a cheaper Hornet so I'm wondering where the $600,000 figure came from and the same people that post shit like this constantly complain about welfare entitlement so make up yer minds.

 Another version.

I know a nice cuntry called Saudi Arabia who'll buy it if yer interested, since arms dealing is perfectly acceptable now.  Is this just one $600,000 house for all the homeless? that's Hilary Clinton dead broke homeless yer talking.

Why not just give jets to the homeless? Obviously since they are refusing to go to the welfare office for help because of their mental issues or addiction issues give them all a jet and watch their faces light up as they light up the town with rockets. 

See what I mean about stupid? Lets sell guns (maybe to Mexico) for cancer research.

Hence my Liam Neeson post. I can't punch these people in the throat and they'll never see sense so I'll post about good working class movies for people who like a drink and to fantasize about being a hero.

I don't want to spoil the movie too much but it's Old Knudsen who is the movie's bad guy .... well I see my character as a patriot and the good guy. Like many patriots before me I believe in blowing innocent people up and killing them for my cause.   

Neeson can kill people, survive a plane crash, get over losing his child, save the day and still have time for a little romance.
If you ever lose someone, kill some people on a passenger airliner to help you move on ... oh and it makes you horny too.

Go on ye boy ye!


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