Tuesday, 29 July 2014

No Fool Like A Bitter Old Fool

When some yahoo's put up two Irish tricolour flags on an island in Bessbrook Pond in county Armagh something had to be done. Bessbrook which as us old soldiers would say is in bandit country but today it is a mixed community of Catholics and Protestants.... hold on that's mixed? A load of white people just a different type of Christian and that's mixed? ... stupid arseholes.

A hero arose, a man who loved the Union flag but what's more important he hated the Irish flag. 

 He loved everything English and desperately wanted to be one.

68 year-old Oswald 'Ossie' Bradley swam out to the island intending to replace the Irish flags with a Union flag because just removing wasn't enough, he had to be a cunt too.

Age is no guarantee of wisdom. 

The silly ol spiteful fool who flies a flag at home drown during the little swim in the pond. A teenage boy pulled him to the shore but could not resuscitate poor old Oswald.    

If he had been swimming out to remove them then that would be a tragedy but since he was going to replace them with a Union flag then that my friend is karma, let this be a lesson to you fleggers who use the Union flag as a tool for intimidation and as a gang colour just like those with their scabby tricolours.   

Some people say it was totally out of character for him to do this so we'll just assume he was drunk or high or something. One less bitter sectarian, it's a good start, now get those fucking flags doon they're an eyesore.

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