Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Making Money On The Sly

Dennis Kocher is a Vietnam Veteran who lives in a gated community called Lake of the Pines, which is east of Sacramento in Callyfornia. 
He has been faced with nothing short of what the Jews went through in the Holocaust, no wait we don't care about that since Gaza right? Ok then his human rights have been infringed just like when the US Calvary slaughtered the weemen and children at Wounded knee .... did I mention he was a veteran

He makes furniture in his garage and gives it to needy families, especially military families. His home owners association has told him to close up shop or face a fine of up to $1,000. The reason he was given is because the furniture is unsightly, and his work is emitting fumes .
On the news he has said that he is donating 50 pieces to military families. Did he do that when he was told to shut up shop? Very generous NOT! Look at that garage, that is not a hobby, that's a business.  

In his Fox News interview it stated that he was in the air force 1961 - 1965 and is are a disabled vet. To be a war vet you must have served during that time of war, you may not have been in combat but it still counts. If he was in combat that would have been mentioned. Being disabled? well that might not have anything to do with the military, it could be his diabeetus. 

I really have issues when veterans use that to gain support in the U.S. from the knee jerking conservative right. The dork from Fox with the flag pin poses the question, "Is this really the land of the free?" what an idiot question, of course it isn't. Have you read the Patriot act?   

He lives in a gated community and probably has his ugly ass restored furniture sitting outside a lot. Home owner associations are around for a reason, they are voluntary, you don't have to live there if you don't want too but people live in gated communities and have rules so people don't make a mess of the place with their little hobbies. 

There was another story about a man who was told he could not have a small American flag outside of his house as it broke the agreement he signed .... yes he was a veteran, that fact was definitely put out there.   

Timothy McVeigh was a veteran, he killed 168 people in the Oklahoma bombing including 19 children in 1995. Just because yer a vet doesn't mean you aren't an evil cunt. Only appreciate those who didn't kill civilians in or out of war, those who served with honour. Veteran doesn't automatically mean hero, get that through yer thick fat civvie heads.

Old Knudsen is a veteran and some of the people he served with would in no way be called a hero. See the 1989 movie Casualties of War which was based on real events if you want to see what war can be like.  

Whats this? Dennis Kocher has a Facebook page on which he sells furniture. A nice little hobby you have there, can I see yer tax returns? Selling cabinets for $650 and people actually come round and buy yer shit. Not declaring this income is very un-American, don't you love yer cuntry enough to pay taxes to it? 
So much slant put onto this story about this poor war hero who just exists to make ugly tables for families of vets that are free of charge, you just have to look for the facts yourself and figure out what hasn't been said.
These stories are to get you stirred up by insulting your alleged patriotism.

You were in the military so you'd think that you could follow orders, it doesn't matter if those orders are not fair, you aren't a fucking teenager, you signed the agreement so gurn up. 

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