Tuesday, 29 July 2014

ISIS The Friendly Extremists

Chief UN investigator Paulo Pinheiro has said that ISIS may be added to a list of war crimes suspects in Syria.
Constant public executions and crucifixions being carried out by the militant group do not do ISIS any PR favours that's for sure.

ISIS has beaten Al Qaeda and other lesser known brands to be the number one radical extremist group in the Middle east. Hard work and networking has paid off.

You may say you hate America the great Satan and say that school children should only be taught the Koran to learn their morals and values and that those who insult Islam must die but are you wearing ISIS?

I'm jihadi, are you?

Show yer friends what it means to be a true Jihadifan, 'well I liked them way back when they were ISIL.'  

ISIS or now The Islamic state is hip and happening, don't get left behind or left by the road and yer head put on a stick.

Mr Pinheiro who was safely in the UN headquarters in New York then bravely went on to say.

"I am not in a position to say who is winning the World Cup of human rights violations. Both sides are doing horrific things and they will continue if there is no accountability."

Just saying that ISIS might have a couple or hundred human rights violations, who is going to do anything about it? What are you going to do send in UN troops? Maybe you can appeal to their better nature to surrender.
In Iraq, ISIS put out a statement saying that all females in the city of Mosul will undergo Female genital mutilation, the authenticity of the statement has been questioned as it was full of typos (ISIS all have university degrees) and it used the older name The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant .

When you are number one people make up lies about you, as if they would do a thing like that. The heads on the fence in the top picture are fake heads used in ISIS training videos, they would never harm anyone.

Think about that Mr Pinata as you make up yer slanderous lists.


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