Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Holiday In Magaluf Really Sucked

So this story about an 18 year-old British gurl (from Northern Ireland) was encouraged to get drunk in a bar while on holiday in the Spanish town of Magaluf and was told that if she took part in a game she'd win a holiday.

The drunken lass agreed and then found herself performing sex acts on 24 men in the bar. Of course someone was there to take a video of it which went viral like gonorrhea.

I did a reconstruction of the event just for my blog. 

The holiday turned out to be the name of a cocktail, ha ha what a really funny joke .... not!  A witness says that while the gurl was drunk she was totally conscious of what she was doing and chose to go doon on 24 blokes to win the game, others decided to snog or fondle the blokes. The witness also says that she returned to the bar the next night. 

It seems that this kinda stuff goes on all the time and even has a name for it there, mamading which is performing sex acts for free alcohol

Since the story broke there has been a lot of slut shaming and only a tiny bit of stud shaming .... what? aren't weemen sluts and men studs? 

Much like the rapists in India and Pakistan whose politicians make excuses for, 'boys will be boys' or the men who are curiously absent at the Magdalene laundries and single mother homes like the one at Tuam as the mother's and their children get paraded around in order to show off their shame. 

Men don't get blamed. 

You can try and tell young people to drink responsibly and not get their dick out in public and not suck on some stranger's cock unless you have the money in yer hand but they won't listen. 

Just because you go to a foreign cuntry doesn't give you full reign to be a complete tosser, people live and work there and there are laws. Not only that but you may have to explain to yer mum at home why you got pregnant or at least how you got some gonorrhea of the throat. 


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